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Maintenance, Repairs, and Custom Exhaust Systems

There are many necessary Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs you should have performed on your vehicle to ensure it runs and drives as it should. A proper tune-up and oil change are in order regularly every so many miles. Scottsdale Muffler offers excellent maintenance and Vehicle Repair in Tempe , Scottsdale, and surrounding areas!

Offering Auto Repair Service involving brake repairs, engine repairs, suspension repairs, electrical work and transmission work, we also do smaller maintenance involving Tune-Ups, oil changes, alignments and coolant flushes, as well as other services, to help you car or truck run better and last longer! When it come to Auto Repair, we can help you determine and diagnose the issue, repair it, and help you prevent large issues with proper maintenance. Aside from general repairs and maintenance performed by our educated and professional mechanics, we also offer Custom Exhaust Systems!

Specializing in Muffler Repair and Exhaust System Repair, we can also bring you quality and unique Custom Exhaust Systems! Reducing noise, and pollution by directing the system’s pipes. A catalytic converter also helps reduce noise created by the engine. Custom Exhaust or Muffler Systems can help promote gas mileage as well as energy efficient additions to your vehicle! Custom Modifications can also be done to your current Muffler or Exhaust System to enhance your power and reduce engine noise. We feature name brand products such as Dynomax, Flowmaster and Magnaflow as well as other high performance brands, and products!

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“They are not rude condescending or stand off-ish and they do not sell you services you just do not need. “


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“Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive fixed my car issue effectively, quickly, and under budget, I would definitely use them again.”


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“If you are in the market for a new exhaust, Scottsdale Muffler is THE ONLY place to take your prized automobile!”


Professional Auto-Repair Services for Scottsdale & Tempe

Offering professional and experienced mechanical services and repairs for your vehicle, whether its a car, truck or other type of vehicle, Scottsdale Muffler can provide quality Auto Repair as well as Custom Mufflers and Exhaust Systems for those car and truck enthusiasts, as they are known not just for their noise reduction, and energy efficiency, but they promote more horsepower and torque allowing you to get the most power out of you vehicle.

Scottsdale Muffler has a variety of designs and Custom Exhaust System options available. Contact the expert Mechanics at Scottsdale Muffler at (480) 994-4741 to learn more about our services involving car or truck repairs, maintenance and installations of Custom Muffler Systems!!! Quality service and repair is a priority for us, and we treat each vehicle repair, and service as if we were servicing out own vehicle! We want you to rest easy knowing your vehicle’s Repair or service is done right! Our reliable and knowledgeable team can come together to show you what quality, trustworthy and affordable Tempe and Scottsdale Vehicle Repair is all about!

Be Amazed By These Arizona Mechanics

People face many hard choices in their life. Unfortunately, choosing a mechanic is often one of them.It is possible to stop being frustrated over mechanics. Finding reputable Arizona mechanics in Scottsdale is simpler than it seems. There are still companies that care about the car and the person instead of money.

A huge factor that turns people off mechanics is the price. When anything goes wrong in a car it seems like the price to fix it is exorbitant. Half the time the car doesn’t even seem to work once it is fixed. This is because inferior mechanics care more about making a profit than taking the time to fix the car. A quality mechanic can offer affordable prices and expert service. Great mechanics will pay close attention to detail and work with customers to deliver fair prices.

Another problem is that many mechanics seem to have a specialty. Find Scottsdale auto repair services that can handle anything they encounter. A good mechanic should be able to repair a variety of problems. They can also fix foreign or domestic cars.

What does it mean to be a good mechanic?

It is unfortunate that there are many auto mechanics out there who should be avoided, but it is something that must be done so you aren’t losing a ton of your hard-earned dollars. Some mechanics will take shortcuts to finish the job quicker, add parts and labor costs that weren’t actually used, or not properly make the repairs that are needed, all costing you more than a little bit of money, not to mention additional money for second repairs and a ton of headache and hassle. At Scottsdale Muffler and Auto, our trusted Tempe Mechanics take pride in our work, as well as our word.

Finding the best auto repair shop that is actually in it to make your repairs and a happy customer isn’t quite so difficult, however, and looking for a few things in that Arizona vehicle repair shop will ensure that you drive away satisfied. No longer worry about tiresome mechanics. Contact the Arizona Mechanics you can trust at Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive.

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