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    When in need of excellent auto repair in Tempe, come to Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive. Our expert technicians are trained and experienced in auto repair and many other services available to you at Scottsdale Muffler. Family owned and operated, Scottsdale Muffler has been in business for well over twenty years and is dedicated to providing reliable and quality auto repair in Tempe. When your car sustains any sort of damage that requires the help of the experienced mechanics, trust that we can repair your vehicle with quality and efficiency in mind. For all of your auto repair needs in Tempe, have confidence in the professionals at Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive.

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    Tempe, home to Arizona State University and many Fortune 500 companies, is a big city in Arizona with many top companies and one of these is the fantastic auto repair shop known as Scottsdale Muffler. While the name Scottsdale Muffler does not necessarily let you know they also deal with Tempe, this has been the case more or less since its inception. Scottsdale Muffler services Tempe residents for all their vehicle repair needs.

    Have you been dissatisfied with the results you’re getting from your existing mechanics? Do you routinely find yourself having to do car repairs even shortly after completing a previous auto repair? Do you feel you are spending too much on auto repair? Have you had the situation of mechanics confusing you with long winded and technical explanations of what the problem with your vehicle is, knowing full well you won’t understand, with the purpose being that you agree to an expensive auto repair?

    Complete Tempe Auto Repair Services By Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Getting your vehicle serviced and maintained is the key to keeping it in prime working condition for as long as possible. For complete auto repair services in Tempe, come to Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive. Our technicians are expertly trained in car repair services, and with five star client reviews, you know that your car will be in the best of hands. We do everything from classic car restorations and engine repairs to simple oil changes and auto maintenance. Not only are we family owned and operated, but we know how some people feel about their vehicles, and we work to give the care and attention to your car that you could give to it every time. Trust the professionals at Scottsdale Muffler to take care of your car with total auto maintenance in Tempe.

    Oil Change Services Near Tempe

    Tempe Oil Changes

    Oil, Filter, Fluid Check, 30 Point Safety Inspection

    The first step to taking care of your car for long term use is getting all of the proper oil changes on time! For the best synthetic or high mileage oil changes in Tempe, come to Scottsdale Muffler. We provide oil changes, filter and fluid checks, 30 point inspections and oil leak detection services to ensure your car’s longevity!

    Auto Maintenance Services Near Tempe

    Tempe Auto Maintenance

    Tune Ups, Factory Recommended Maintenance

    For tune ups, factory recommended maintenance, and other required auto maintenance in Tempe, come to Scottsdale Muffler. With professional technicians who pride themselves in their care and attention to detail, finding a repair shop for your car is easy with Scottsdale Muffler.

    Brake Repair, Maintenance And Replacement Service

    Tempe Brake Repair

    Brake Inspections, Complete Brake Repair & Installation

    At Scottsdale Muffler, we can provide excellent brake repair, brake inspections, brake installations, brake pads, rotors, calipers, and more all in our Tempe location! Rest easy knowing that your car will remain safe and well taken care of with the professionals at Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive!

    Complete Tire Services by Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive in Arizona

    Tempe Front & Rear Suspension

    Alignments, Shocks, Struts, Axles, New Tires

    Get alignments, shocks, struts, axles, and new tires, all installed by the expert technicians at Scottsdale Muffler! We service lifted and raised trucks, and can install after market shocks, hydraulics systems, and any popular strut brand you want, all in Tempe!

    Arizona timing belt repair services by Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe Timing Belt Repair

    Timing Belt Replacement, Complete Timing Belt Service

    For timing belt replacements and other complete timing belt services in Tempe, come to Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive. Our technicians are trained and qualified to remove your engine timing cover, inspect your timing belt and pulley, as well as your water pump.

    Arizona Air Conditioner Repair Services by Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe A/C Repair

    A/C Flush, Recharge,
    Complete A/C Services

    In Arizona, the heat can get the best of us, especially without air conditioning in our cars. For A/C flushes, recharging, coolant refilling, and A/C repair in Tempe, trust the expert technicians at Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive to get the job done right.

    Arizona Engine and Motor Repair Services By Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe Engine Repair

    Engine Rebuild & Replacement, Vavle, Head Gasket Repair

    Getting your engine repaired in Tempe may seem daunting, but at Scottsdale Muffler and automotive, our technicians are trained to rebuild and replace your engine, transmission repair, as well as provide excellent valve and head gasket repair so your vehicle remains in prime working condition.

    Arizona Custom Car Exhaust & Muffler Repair Services By Our Team

    Tempe Exhaust Repair

    Exhaust & Mufflers, Headers & Manifolds, Chrome Tips

    To refine the look and performance of your car, exhaust repair in Tempe at Scottsdale Muffler is your go to source for exhaust and muffler repairs and installations, headers and manifolds, chrome tip installations, catalytic converter replacements, and more!

    Arizona Classic Car Repair Services By Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe Classic Car Repair

    Expert Technicians, Classic Car Restoration & Repair

    When you want to bring life back into your classic car, come to Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive in Tempe for the highest quality classic car repairs, classic car restorations, frame up restoration, engine overhaul, and more. Trust our expert technicians to take care of your classic vehicle.

    Arizona Pick Up Truck Repair Services by Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe Pick Up Truck Repair

    All Models, Affordable Truck Parts, 20+ Years Experience

    When your pick up truck is in need of professional repair, come to Scottsdale Muffler in Tempe. Our technicians are trained and qualified to handle any make and model, can provide affordable parts for your pick up truck, and can repair full size, heavy duty, and compact trucks!

    Arizona All Makes & Model Car Repair Services by Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Tempe All Makes & Models Car Repair

    20+ Years of Experience Repairing All Makes & Models

    Why spend all of your money at the dealership when Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive provides excellent, affordable car repairs on all makes and models in Tempe! Servicing Toyota, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, and many other makes & models, our technicians are trained and experienced!

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    Come to Scottsdale Muffler. Meet the owner Chris McCurdy, who has been around auto repair all of his life, and was raised in this industry. Chris has a passion for cars and as a long term resident of the community, is interested not in quick one time money making schemes but in the long haul of being in business – good work for fair prices resulting in referrals.

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    Our Customers

    Sometimes vehicle owners cannot afford (or think they cannot afford) a muffler repair. They decide to drive anyways thinking it is just a muffler, what the heck. However, this is dangerous and can cost you in the end. A damaged muffler means that fumes you should be protected from, are now seeping into the cab of the vehicle, putting dangerous carcinogens into your lungs. In addition, you will spend more on gas with a faulty muffler, as well as be littering your environment, not to mention the complaints from neighbors about noise pollution!

    With a muffler, in any vehicle, whether diesel or gasoline powered, gases are expelled from the engine when the exhaust valves open and these pass through sealed exhaust pipes.These exhaust pipes generally lead into mufflers, before going out to the outside of the vehicle. There are different types of mufflers depending on the use of the vehicle. For example, performance vehicles will typically use an absorption muffler, which offers the least amount of resistance to the gases coming through.

    Tempe Auto Repair Services By Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

    Car Repair & Maintenance Experts

    At Scottsdale Muffler, we know car repair and maintenance. We understand performance vehicles and the specialized needs for custom exhaust, as well as average auto repair for people not looking to race but who just want a good operational vehicle that they can use.

    Tempe Arizona MechanicsIn Tempe, as in most of Arizona, we rely on our vehicles greatly. We know that not having an operational vehicle or not having your vehicle at all can be not just an inconvenience but devastating to your ability to live and work. Tempe Auto RepairWe will make your vehicle repair job go smoothly and swiftly, give our mechanics a call now at 480-994-4741.

    This Tempe auto repair shop is totally dedicated to providing the best service at the very best price in the area. Our Tempe mechanics in Arizona never do any work on a vehicle without ensuring that car owners have a work cost quote, to include labor costs, and that the owners have okayed the work. Unexpected expenses are not how this company maintains its excellent standing in the community. Many new customers come to Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive based on recommendations and referrals by current patrons.

    Tempe Arizona City Info

    General Info

    You can view facts about Tempe Arizona by going to the city’s website. It will show things like Tempe is Arizona seventh largest city, landmarks, population, traffic and public transportation. You can also search to find the best auto repair shops in Tempe, AZ.


    Tempe Town Lake is a huge attraction in Arizona, and anyone who has car troubles in Tempe takes their car to Scottsdale Muffler located in Tempe, AZ. The Arizona State University is in Tempe. Most of these college students bring their broken down vehicles to Scottsdale Arizona to have them repaired.