Modifying a Jeep for Use in the Tour Industry

Modifying a Jeep for Use in the Tour Industry

For anyone who is interested in going into the tour industry, modifying a jeep is an excellent place to start. A jeep is a reliable vehicle that can endure conditions in many types of enviroments and various weather conditions. They are tough and reliable, the perfect thing to have when everything else may be unpredictable. It’s time to take advantage of the natural features of the area and share them with others for an exciting source of income. Before beginning, there are simple modifications that can be made to make a jeep more effective.

Extending A Jeep Part 1: Jeep Being Extended 26″ For Use In Tour Industry

Seek a Scottsdale Arizona mechanic if a do-it-yourself project is not possible. More aggressive tires could be a good place to start. Tires that have a more durable tread and are wider may withstand the strains of touring. Adding extra lights is another option. Another great tip is to remove the top for a different effect when touring. Drivers can also opt for a soft top or hard top, depending on the conditions and time of year.

Extending A Jeep Part 2: Jeep Being Extended 26″ For Use In Tour Industry

Inquire at a car repair shop in Arizona about spring-over suspension to have a better ride and more ground clearance, which may be useful on difficult terrain. A performance exhaust system will provide more power. Stronger axles will mean making it through the entire trip, no matter how difficult the road may be or if there is no road. Power steering is another modification that will make touring easier on the jeep and the driver. A beefed up, more powerful engine may be in the works as well if one is planning on going on really challenging rides. While the jeep is a tough, work horse of a vehicle, it can’t hurt to bring in the reinforcements. For anyone who really wants to get into heavy duty traveling often, making some modifications to strengthen the ride is advisable.

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Posted: September 13, 2012