10 Important Things Every Car Owner Should Know About Their Car Battery


10 Important Things Every Car Owner Should Know About Their Car Battery


How To Keep Your Car Battery In Top Shape

Although frequently forgotten, the battery is an essential part of every vehicle. When it dies, your engine will not work until you can get it recharged. No one wants to be stuck in that kind of situation! Here are 10 important things you should know about your car’s battery so you can keep it in top shape:

How To Keep Your Car Battery In Top Shape


Your Battery Is Affected By Weather

In order to stay charged, car batteries use a chemical liquid solution. This means that it’s vulnerable to weather, which can affect how much power it’s able to retain. In extremely cold or hot weather, your battery may not function as well as it might in more temperate weather. If your battery might be affected by cold weather, avoid short trips and consider a battery warmer.


Your Battery Needs Regular Checks

Whenever you bring in your vehicle for Tempe car maintenance, ask your mechanic to take a look at your battery’s voltage system. Having a regular check of your battery can make sure it’s functioning optimally before you are stranded with a car that won’t start. It’s best to have your battery examined twice a year, preferably before the season changes.


Your Vehicle’s Battery Needs Water

In order to prevent sulfate from building up on the battery’s electrode, your battery needs water. If you smell rotten eggs under the hood, you’ll know it’s time to refill the battery. Because this can be a complicated task, it’s best to talk to your Mesa mechanic to make sure the job is done properly.


Corroded Batteries Can Be Cleaned With Baking Soda

A little DIY maintenance can extend the life of your car battery. When a battery becomes corroded, it works overtime. Alternatively, moisture build up on your battery can short circuit the battery poles, preventing the car from starting when you need to go somewhere. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water and use a brush to scrub away any corrosive buildup, as needed.


Your battery Will Last 3-5 Years

A car battery’s lifespan will depend on your driving habits and the weather conditions, but will normally be in the 3-5 year range. Ask your Tempe car repair professionals to regularly check your battery once it reaches 3 years of age to make sure it’s in good condition and is unlikely to unexpectedly die. This is especially important if you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, such as Arizona, or if you make a lot of short trips. Batteries recharge themselves while the vehicle engine is running, so if most of your trips are under 20 minutes, your battery is probably not recharging fully. This can shorten its lifespan.


Batteries Can Swell To Dangerous Proportions

If you notice that your vehicle’s battery has swollen, don’t drive your car! This is usually the result of overcharging or overheating, but it can cause the battery to explode and cause serious damage to yourself and your vehicle. Have your swollen battery removed and replaced by an experienced Phoenix auto repair shop immediately. If swelling is the result of the battery overcharging, your mechanic should check the alternator on your vehicle as well.


Car Batteries Can’t Be Thrown Into The Trash

When you’re ready to dispose of an old car battery, never throw it in to the garbage can. Car batteries contain acids and chemicals that need special disposal services. Ask your Scottsdale repair shop to dispose of your old battery safely.

Pay Attention To The Charging Cables

Most batteries will need a “jump” from another vehicle now and then, which is a pretty straightforward task. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to which order you are connecting and disconnecting the battery cables. Always connect the negative cable last, and always disconnect it first. This cable is connected to a ground point away from the battery, which prevents sparks and short circuits.


The battery & alternator are different

Although both the alternator and battery are part of your car’s charging system, they have different jobs. The battery sends an electrical charge through your vehicle to get it started up, while alternator keeps it charged. When you take your vehicle in for Mesa car repairs, this distinction will help your mechanic determine what might be wrong with your vehicle’s charging system.


Batteries Can Die If Your Vehicle Isn’t Driven

Most vehicle batteries will last for at least two weeks without being recharged. If you plan to put your vehicle in storage, you’ll want to start it up at least once a week in order to recharge the battery and keep it in good condition. The more times you recharge a dead battery, the more wear it faces. Keep your car battery in good shape by driving your vehicle regularly.


Does Your Car Battery Need TLC?

The expert technicians at Scottsdale Muffler are ready to inspect your vehicle’s battery and help it live a long, healthy lifespan. We provide honest, comprehensive care for all types of vehicles in the Tempe area, whether you need repairs or just a basic inspection. We are ready to serve you! Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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Posted: June 5, 2022