3 Crucial Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Brakes


3 Crucial Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Brakes


Arizona’s Trusted Mechanics Share a Guide To Take Care Of Your Brakes

The brakes are one of the most essential components of your vehicle. Not only do they help you stop your vehicle with ease when you come to a red light, but they also are a critical piece of safety equipment that help protect you, your passengers, and the people in the vehicles around you. With good maintenance from a Tempe repair shop, your vehicle’s brake system will last for many miles.

Every vehicle is a little different, but on average, a quality set of brakes and rotors will last for about 40,000 miles. However, brakes that are not serviced and maintained regularly will have a much shorter lifespan. Even more significantly, a faulty brake system poses serious hazards for both yourself and the other people who are driving or walking around your vehicle. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars to get your brake’s rotors and pads replaced every few years, but the costs involved with an accident caused by brake failure can be in the tens of thousands, plus the guilt involved with knowing that a lack of car maintenance caused a serious accident.

A trustworthy Mesa auto repair shop will give you honest answers on what your brakes need for maintenance or repair. Sometimes, all your braking system needs is a cleaning to get rid of some rust buildup on the brake pads or a brake fluid change. Other times, a rotor replacement is necessary to prevent brake failure so your family can stay safe on the road.

Most drivers want to know how they can keep their brakes in good working condition to help them last as long as possible. Follow these three tips to increase the lifespan of your brakes and keep them in top condition!
Trusted Mechanics Share a Guide To Take Care Of Your Brakes In Tempe, AZ.

1. Avoid Braking While Driving At High Speeds

Unless there is an immediate safety concern, avoid braking suddenly while driving at high speeds. This puts a lot of intense wear on your brakes that will shorten their lifespan when this type of braking happens repeatedly. Whenever possible, try to make a smooth stop by canceling your cruise control or taking your foot off the gas so that your vehicle can gradually slow down before you apply the brakes in order to come to a complete stop. A habit of gentle pressure is better for your brake system than repeated hard, sudden braking.

2. Keep Your Brake’s Discs Clean

Rust is a common cause of premature brake system failure. You can avoid this by keeping your brake’s discs and rotors cleaned. But don’t worry about taking apart your vehicle in order to get this accomplished! Simply take your vehicle to a Phoenix mechanic for regular scheduled maintenance. Regular visits to get your vehicle services sometimes include brake cleanings that remove rust and dust, although mechanics have differing opinions on whether this is necessary. Ask your mechanic for their advice on what may be best for your vehicle. It can also be helpful to ask for a brake inspection every time you take in your vehicle to get the tires rotated.

3. Get Your Brake Fluid Changed Regularly

Every few years, depending on your vehicle and how miles you drive, you’ll need to get your vehicle’s brake fluid changed. Check your vehicle’s owner manual for information on how frequently to get this done, and ask your Mesa car maintenance for their recommendations. Brake fluid degrades over time and becomes weakened by the heat of excessive braking. To perform this maintenance, your mechanic will carefully drain the system and then refill it with a quality brake fluid. Keeping your vehicle’s brake fluid clean will promote healthier, more reliable brakes and keep your braking system running smoothly.

When you brake smoothly, take care of any rust in your brake system, and get the brake fluid changed regularly, you can feel confident you are taking the right steps toward optimizing the life of your vehicle’s brake system.

Quality Brake Mechanics In Tempe

Scottsdale Muffler is ready to give your vehicle a complete inspection so you can get ahead of any necessary repairs and know that your braking system is in good working condition. As a family owned and operated complete car care center, we provide honest and affordable service for all of your vehicle needs. To schedule your appointment, give Scottsdale Muffler a call today!


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Posted: August 13, 2021