5 Signs That You Should Change Your Car Battery


5 Signs That You Should Change Your Car Battery


How To Know When It’s Time For A Car Battery Replacement

IDo you ever wonder why your car battery keeps dying even though it seems fine? Do you want to know the most common signs of battery replacement? Don’t worry! We are ready to help.

When your car battery dies, your vehicle won’t start anymore. This is especially true if you haven’t changed your battery in a long time. If you don’t replace your battery soon, it could cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Changing a car battery is pretty simple, but you should consider some signs before getting down to business. Before heading into a Mesa auto repair shop, check the information below.

How To Know When It’s Time For A Car Battery Replacement

1. You Cannot Turn On Your Vehicle

There’s nothing worse than being in a hurry and finding out your car is having problems turning on. Sometimes, the problem is easy to fix (it can be just an ignition issue), but other times, things are more complicated.

Be aware if your car sputters once it is turned on. This is usually a sign of the battery failing because it is not charging as it needs. Moreover, the battery is not driving enough power to the rest of your car.

You may not notice this problem at first, but the sputtering will worsen over time. This issue is a clear-cut sign that battery needs replacement.

Do not ignore your car battery if you are having difficulties turning on the vehicle. It’s always better to check it first before the problem gets bigger, requiring you to spend more money.


2. Poor Car Performance, Especially In Cold Weather

Performance is key when analyzing your car battery. If your vehicle is starting to have failures when driving, you must check the battery to ensure it is not the one to blame. If you think the battery is the problem, go to a Phoenix auto repair shop to replace it.

During the wintertime, you cannot warm up the battery as usual. If the battery is not fully warmed up, it will get damaged.

Cold weather puts a lot of pressure on the battery, so stay alert during Winter to keep the car battery in good condition.

If your vehicle doesn’t turn on during the winter, maybe it’s time to change the battery. Fortunately, Arizona doesn’t have a strong winter most of the time, so weather-related battery issues are not frequent.


3. Issues With Your Car’s Electrical System

How are your windows and doors working? These components can also indicate if there’s any problem with the car battery. If you cannot lock the doors properly, or the windows aren’t going up with the button, there may be an issue with the car battery.

Windows and doors usually fail when the car battery does not power them effectively. It’s best to replace the battery when this happens because it can get worse over time, leading to expensive repairs.


4. Problems With The Car’s lights

Dashboard lights and lighting issues can also indicate if the battery is not working. If the dashboard lights in your vehicle start flashing, your battery may be dying. You should visit a Scottsdale auto repair shop as soon as possible to be ready for any repair or replacement.

Be aware if your warning lights show up on the dashboard, as it indicates there’s something wrong with the car. Most of the time, the alternator is not returning the change, which happens when the battery is weak.


5. Your Car Has A Strange Smell

A distinct smell coming from the car is another common sign of battery failure. If you smell something similar to “rotten eggs”, take your car to an auto repair shop immediately to solve the problem. The smell can worsen with time, so the best you can do is not let that happen.

The “rotten eggs” smell happens because of leaking gas. The sulfuric acid from the battery starts coming out, causing that strange smell. Therefore, once you perceive this smell, you should think of replacing the battery if necessary.


Contacting A Tempe Auto Repair Shop For More Help

We know it’s not easy to see if the battery is the main issue with your vehicle. Luckily, the experts at Scottsdale Muffler can make things easier by checking your car to know the real problem. Our team does everything from fixing and replacing engines to muffler repair and tuning up your vehicle. Call us now for more!


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Posted: August 9, 2022