Summer AC Woes: 6 Main Reasons Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

Summer AC Woes: 6 Main Reasons Your AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

Besides your engine or your transmission, your air conditioner is likely at the top of your list of things you don’t want to go out. Arizona may get a brief respite from the heat every year, but triple-digit temperatures are usually the norm. Even with the windows rolled down, your car will quickly become a sweat box if you don’t have working air conditioning.

If your air conditioner stops blowing cold air, don’t panic. Consider these six main reasons why the AC isn’t blowing cold air, and then call a trusted repair shop near Mesa:

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Low Refrigerant Pressure

A lot of people suspect that there is low refrigerant might be the issue if the AC isn’t running cold. Then they check the refrigerant and see that there is plenty. What might actually be the culprit is that the refrigerant pressure is low.

Your car’s air conditioner requires the right balance of refrigerant pressure to work properly. If it’s too low or too high, you’ll have problems. The most common reason for low pressure is that rubber rings, hoses, and seals have broken down and that the refrigerant is leaking.

Wet Refrigerant

You may be confused by this since refrigerant is already a liquid. But when refrigerant becomes “wet,” it has been contaminated by water, such as through humidity coming in through worn down or broken parts. The water in the refrigerant can then freeze, which can block tubes or valves.

You may know that you have wet refrigerant if your air conditioner only blows cold air sometimes and then switches back to warm.

Compressor Failure

The compressor in your air conditioner forces refrigerant through a series of tubes and other components. If it’s not working, your air conditioner is not working.

Since the compressor is regularly exposed to high temperatures and pressure, it can easily overheat itself and become damaged. The lubrication may dry up, components may become degraded, and friction can lead to wear. You’ll need your mechanic near Mesa to check out the situation to know if the compressor is the problem and exactly what has gone wrong with the compressor.

Electrical Problems

The compressor is connected to electricity to do its job, such as relaying signals to the AC clutch to engage or disengage. Problems with your electrical system can cause pressure sensors that the compressor relies on to malfunction or can burn out a relay that is important to the process.

Electrical problems require special equipment to diagnose, so you’ll need to visit a reputable repair shop near Mesa for car AC repair.

Overheating Engine

The outside temperature doesn’t have much to do with whether your engine overheats. Instead, it happens when the engine starts producing more heat than it can get rid of through the radiator. The air conditioner is also putting out heat, and that can further contribute to the engine overheating.

When the engine overheats, the air conditioner can be shut down as a precautionary measure to keep it from further overheating. You’ll need a mechanic near Mesa to figure out why the engine is overheating and correct that problem so you can preserve your air conditioner.

Bad Drive Belt

Newer vehicles come with only one belt that drives the compressor and other components. Older vehicles would have a couple of belts in the air conditioner, which provided somewhat of a buffer against malfunction. With the single belt, the whole air conditioner can crash if the belt goes bad.

A worn or loose belt can slip near the compressor, as can a belt that is wet or oily. Not only will you need to know that the drive belt is the problem, but you’ll also need to know what’s bringing down the drive belt.

You don’t want to go without a working car air conditioner for too long in Arizona. If your AC stops blowing cold air, contact a repair shop near Mesa immediately to find out your options for car AC repair. You can report any symptoms you notice, which will help the mechanics make a diagnosis more quickly.

Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive offers car AC repair in Tempe and the surrounding area. Our expert mechanics near Mesa will diagnose the issue quickly and help you understand the best options for repair. If your vehicle is suffering from other problems, we can diagnose and repair them quickly, as well. Call us in Tempe today to make an appointment for your car maintenance or car repair.

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