Best Cars of 2014: News from the auto show

Best Cars of 2014: News From The Detroit Auto Show

What’s new for cars from the 2014 Auto show in Detroit?

The Scottsdale Mechanics at Scottsdale Muffler Discuss The Best 2014 CarsThe North American Auto Show for 2014 has come and gone and some great news is out for automobile aficionados everywhere. The debuts made at the Detroit, Michigan show will be coming to manufacturers all over the world.

Some of the hot new cars are American and quite a few others are European and Asian. The Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Honda and BMW had many cars on the stage.

The BMW M4 (which used to be called the MR) is a high performance coupe that has a V6 engine and is extremely light at less than 200 lbs.

Chevrolet unveiled the Corvette Z06 with 625 HP and 635 lbs of torque as well as some sexy new technology including an eight speed automatic and a performance data recorder system.

Also from the American auto arena was Chrysler. The Chrysler 200 is a midsize sedan in a sleek design with a fine looking interior and a nine speed automatic. This is good news for Chrysler who has not debuted anything in this field in a long time.

Yet another, the Ford F-150 is the next generation of America’s best selling vehicle. Lightweight aluminum enabled SEVEN HUNDRED POUNDS to be cut from this model which is excellent for fuel efficiency. With a great new look this is sure to fly off the lots.

Lexus got in the game as well, making seriously awesome cars is nothing new for these guys and they did not disappoint with the RC F. With 450 HP V8 engine and agile rear wheel drive dynamics and a three mode torque vectoring system, they do not mess around.

Surprisingly the Mercedes Benz C class has a budget S class vehicle that is luxury all the way for a great price.

We know you love your cars and many people here in the Scottsdale area and the greater Phoenix metro area for that matter, love their cars. With our own awesome car shows held right in Scottsdale every year, many car enthusiasts like to show off their style with their cool cars at these shows.

You may not be in the market for a new car. Many of us have suffered economic tightening over recent years. Or maybe you love your existing car and are not ready to part with her. Whatever the reason is, you can also do custom upgrades to your existing car. Here at Scottsdale Muffler, your local, family owned automotive company in business for over twenty years, we can help you with modifications of your choice to your vehicle.

Maybe you have a classic car in bad shape and you would love to see it restored to its original pride and glory or maybe it is just a few touch ups or modifications that you need. Whatever the case may be, we can help you put in an automatic transmission or a modern engine for better gas mileage or any other changes you might be looking at.

At Scottsdale Muffler, our Scottsdale mechanics don’t just punch in to a job. We are passionate about cars and we translate that love of automobiles to our customers. We understand the needs of our area, from desert terrain to extreme heats and how to keep the cars in good shape. While a classic car of the 60s is a beauty, the fuel and exhaust systems may be a nightmare for you. Come in and talk with us and let us know what you are thinking of doing with your classic car. We’re happy to help!

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Posted: February 13, 2014