Creating Perfect Teamwork in a Scottsdale Auto Repair Shop

Creating Perfect Teamwork in a Scottsdale Auto Repair Shop

How To Create Perfect Teamwork with Scottsdale Team BuildingAn auto repair shop needs to work like a finely tuned engine. If one part of the engine is not working correctly, the whole thing will work less efficiently or not at all. That means that if one member of your team isn’t working harmoniously with the rest, your whole shop could suffer. But you can’t just focus on the individual members of your team – you need to focus on how all the members work together.

Here are a few things you can do to promote perfect teamwork in your Scottsdale auto repair shop:

Promote Good Communication

The biggest impediment to good teamwork in any setting is good communication. Your team members can’t work well together if they don’t know what the others are doing or what they need. How you promote better communication will depend upon how you run your shop.

For example, you might create a better task management system in your computer or through your paper orders to help your team understand who needs to be doing what and when. You might develop a system of code words to help team members convey priority, such as a “code blue” for a car that has to be moved to the front of the line. Brainstorm what works best for your shop.

Convey a Clear Mission

Team members can’t work together efficiently if they don’t have a shared goal. The goal can’t just be a vague “do a good job.” You need to create specific criteria for a specific mission. For example, your mission might be to provide timely service, and so you establish a timeline for each service that you offer. If your mission is to provide exceptional service, you might provide a checklist for each customer interaction. Of course, your mission can encompass several of these goals, and you can create the criteria for success for each of them.

Once your team has a clear mission and the criteria for meeting it, you can work on ways to accomplish it.

Help Members Complement Each Other’s Strengths

Not every mechanic on your team has the same specialty. You might have one member who is really great at mufflers and another who is a whiz with electrical systems. Identify strengths in your members, and encourage your team to reach out to these specialists when they are in need. Emphasize the importance of each person doing what they are best at within the team.

Scottsdale Team Building with A Direct Effect

Corporate Team Building Exercises

Hiring a company to lead Scottsdale team-building exercises can help you establish the teamwork your business needs to be successful. A Direct Effect Team Building offers corporate team-building exercises throughout Arizona for all types of businesses, both on site and off.

You can schedule a variety of activities that will help your team learn how to communicate better and to work more efficiently as a unit. The result will be a more finely tuned work environment that helps you meet your business goals and achieve success for the benefit of all.

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Posted: July 18, 2014