The Hybrid SUV: Green Machines Hit The Streets Of Scottsdale

The Hybrid SUV: Green Machines
Hit The Streets Of Scottsdale

With gas prices hovering around the $3.00 to $4.00 mpg price point, you can understand why many consumers have chosen to go “green” by driving hybrid vehicles. Saving that extra bit at the gas pump enhances your discretionary spending ability. It also helps save the economy from the effects of fuel exhaust. However, the switchover of vehicles has some consumers asking who they should go to for hybrid SUV service in Scottsdale Arizona. Choosing a reputable car service is vital in keeping your SUV running in tip-top shape.

With the added complexity of running both fuel and hybrid components in your automobile, it becomes even more important you keep regular hybrid SUV service appointments. Choosing a company with proper car service is easier than you think. Choose a Scottsdale Arizona business that has experience maintaining and working on hybrid automobiles and SUV. Of course, a maintenance service should be versed in the basic items of car maintenance. Changing your oil, replacing your spark plugs, replacing the oil filter, inspecting the suspension and steering mechanism, and making sure the fluid levels are all up-to-date, are the basic items which need maintenance.

Scottsdale Needs Green Car Service Technicians

Scottsdale Arizona suv car serviceThe need for good Scottsdale mechanics who can work on hybrid vehicles is growing. Many car services use hybrid technology to power their fleet, as the gas savings can be an enormous cost benefit. Many private car and SUV services in the local Scottsdale area have switched over to hybrid technology as well, including Scottsdale based Thin Blue Line Car Service.

For hybrid vehicles, you want to make sure the professional car service is trained in working on a few extra things. Much of the maintenance schedule is the same, but a hybrid SUV service will also take a look at the different drive train. Electronics are different in a hybrid too. Complex electronic modules control both gasoline driven components as well as the electric drive motor. The dual voltage systems in hybrids should only be worked on by Scottsdale Arizona Hybrid SUV repair professionals. These mechanics are trained in safely working with high-voltage circuits. While most of the electrical system is a standard 12-volts, the drive motor and assisting parts have voltage parameters in excess of 100 volts. This can prove fatal to the unwary consumer.

Choosing to go green is a great thing to do. It saves you from paying that extra price at the gas pump, and also allows you to do some good for the environment. Choosing a properly trained auto shop is vital though. Working on a hybrid vehicle as an untrained professional could actually kill you.

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Posted: September 13, 2012