Tempe Vehicle Repairs That Are Covered By Your Insurance

Tempe Vehicle Repairs That Are Covered By Your Insurance

Tempe car repairIn Arizona, all vehicles are required to carry some level of insurance. Depending on how much insurance you have, the damage to your car may or may not be covered by your insurance. When making a decision on where to get your Tempe vehicle repairs performed; consult with your insurance company regarding the mechanics they work with regularly. This will allow you to call more than one to find out about the cost of repairs for your car.

When calling a repair shop; be sure it is one that specializes in fixing your problem. If it is a mechanical problem having to do with your drive train, suspension, or brakes, take your car to a specialist in the appropriate field. If you are looking to have body or glass damage fixed try to
find a mechanic specializing in high-end vehicle repair. These body shops are more adept at color matching and quality craftsmanship. These shops also deal heavily with insurance companies and will be able to tell you first-hand what you are going to be paying and what the insurance company will cover.

Once you have decided what type of mechanic you need, give your insurance company another call and let them know you are about to take the car in for the specific repairs it needs. Discuss with them cost and your deductible. Make sure you have an exact plan before you take your car in for repairs; nothing will get you burned by mechanics faster than blindly taking your car in and expecting it to work out in the end.

Lastly be aware of the risks involved whenever you give someone the keys to your vehicle; ensure your Tempe Arizona car repair shop is reputable and trustworthy. Ask to see some of their other work and judge for yourself whether or not it is the shop for you. If you get a word of mouth suggestion from family or a coworker; field that lead out to completion. Very rarely will anyone offer up the name of a mechanic unless they were completely satisfied.

In Arizona, vehicle repair can be a daunting idea. Ensure you are prepared when meeting with your mechanics and that you have done all the necessary research to be able to judge the merits of their work for yourself. Do not be afraid to simply say no. Lastly, always discuss any repairs with your insurance company before taking any action.

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Posted: July 31, 2012