Car Insurance- Yes You Need It!

Car Insurance- Yes You Need It!

Car Insurance- Yes You Need It!

Car Insurance- Yes You Need It!

Here are some important reasons why you need to have car insurance coverage!

Car insurance is necessary for several reasons. In Arizona and most other states, the law demands that every motorized vehicle driven on the road, including motorcycles, mopeds, and even golf carts be insured.

According to Arizona law, when you register a vehicle you will be required to submit proof of insurance. In addition, any time you deal with the police, whether due to an accident or a simple traffic stop, you will be asked for proof of insurance. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in the suspension of your vehicle’s registration and your driver’s license. If you cancel or fail to renew your insurance policy the insurance company will notify the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department and you will receive a request to verify your insurance policy. Failure to do so will also result in the suspension of your registration and driver’s license.

The minimum insurance required in Arizona is called liability insurance. The definition of liability insurance is that in the event of an accident where you are found liable, your insurance company will pay up to a set amount for property damage or bodily injury. Be certain that your insurance policy covers both.

Property damage liability insurance generally covers damage to another person’s vehicle and property, but does not cover repairs to your own vehicle.

Bodily injury liability insurance is to cover such things as the other party’s medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses. In addition, if the accident results in a lawsuit this type of insurance may also cover legal expenses. Liability insurance does not cover your own medical costs.

The legal minimum amount of liability insurance you are required to carry varies from state to state. In Arizona, the minimum level of property damage liability insurance required is $10,000, and the minimum level of bodily injury liability insurance required is $15,000. Although these are the minimum legal requirements set by the state of Arizona, it will not be enough to replace a new car or to pay for serious bodily injury and long-term medical care.

If you have nothing to lose and are only concerned with meeting the legal requirements to drive, the minimum liability coverage may be enough for you. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner or possess any other monetary assets you wish to protect it would be wise to purchase additional insurance. The typical recommendations are to carry at least $50,000 for property damage liability and between $100,000 – $300,000 bodily injury liability insurance. The more serious the damage and injuries are the higher the settlement can be. As you can see, possibly more important than the legal aspect of needing insurance is the personal protection it provides.

You need car insurance coverage

In order to help prevent accidents it’s recommended that you keep your vehicle in good running condition. A trusted Arizona mechanic will help you maintain a safe vehicle. Many accidents are caused by mechanical failures such as steering failure or a tire blowout. A qualified Arizona mechanic can help head off safety issues by inspecting:

The front end of your vehicle; there are many components involved in your steering system.

Your tires; he will check if they are properly inflated and have enough tread to be certain they will maintain proper traction, along with looking for signs of uneven wear or damage.

Your brakes; brake pads are meant to be changed regularly, along with inspecting rotors, calipers, and the ABS system.

Your headlights and taillights; more accidents happen at night when visibility is lower. Keeping headlights in top-notch condition will increase nighttime visibility. In addition, improperly functioning taillights, turn signals, or brake lights greatly increase your chances of being involved in a rear end collision.

Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive is a family owned Arizona business employing only the most highly experienced mechanics. Although we provide numerous customized automotive services, we pride ourselves on the relationships we form with our customers as we perform their general car repair work and maintenance over the years. You can trust us to keep your vehicle in top-notch operating condition. Contact us today to learn more about our automotive services.

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Posted: October 13, 2015