The Adverse Effects Of An Engine Oil Leak & How To Prevent It


The Adverse Effects Of An Engine Oil Leak & How To Prevent It


Everything You Need To Know About An Engine Leak

The fluids in your engine are critically important so that your vehicle will run smoothly. If you’ve ever parked your car in one place for a while and noticed liquid spots underneath it when you came back, this is a clear indication that your vehicle was leaking some kind of fluid. The most common type of fluid leak is an engine oil leak; however, there are several other fluid leaks that can occur as well. These can be identified with the help of Tempe car maintenance by where the fluid is dripping out of your car and what color the fluid is.
Everything You Need To Know About An Engine Leak In Tempe, AZ.

Car Fluids That Can Leak Include:

  • Antifreeze Fluid Leak

  • You’ll notice thick fluid that is yellow, pink, or green under or around your car, which usually indicates an antifreeze leak.

  • Power Steering Fluid Leak

  • This type of leak happens at the front of your vehicle. Generally, the leaked fluid will be brown or red and very thin in consistency.

  • Water Leak

  • Water leaks are usually seen underneath the body of your car. If you have a water leak, you’ll probably see a small puddle of clear and odorless liquid that looks like water.

  • Transmission Fluid Leak

  • Usually noticed when your car is parked for longer periods of time, transmission fluids leaks look like thick patches of brown or red fluids at the midsection of your car.

  • Brake Fluid Leak

  • If you notice an oily patch of clear to brown fluid near the passenger side of your vehicle and/or around your car’s tires, you may have a brake fluid leak.
    It’s also possible to have more than one kind of leak at a time, so the color or consistency of the liquid may not exactly match any of those descriptions. However, these types of leaks are less common than engine oil leaks.

    The Importance Of Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Oil Level

    The engine is what makes your car able to move, and is made up of many different components that generally work simultaneously in a complex process. The motion of all of these components creates friction in the engine. Therefore, engine oil is important because it acts as a lubricant to reduce friction and heat among the parts of your engine so that your vehicle will run smoothly.

    To make this happen, you’ll need to visit a Tempe auto repair shop regularly to make sure that you continually have high quality engine oil at the right level. Generally, an oil change and refill will be recommended at least every five months or after every 5000 miles. If your vehicle’s oil level is not correctly maintained, you’ll have excessive friction within your engine parts that will lead to damage or corrosion. If the engine oil is not changed as frequently as recommended, it will lose its viscosity and ability to lubricate your engine components, which could also lead to expensive auto repairs. Mechanics call this “becoming dirty.”

    Identifying An Oil Leak

    An oil leak may manifest itself as irregular oil levels. One way to know your car has an oil leak is to check for puddles underneath after it is parked for several hours. Oil leaks look like a puddle of brown liquid with a greasy texture, and will usually be found underneath the front end of your car.

    Some of the most common reasons that mechanics find oil leaks include:

  • Worn Out Gaskets & Oil Pans

  • The oil that is added to your engine is pumped by a pan and gaskets, which are typically located at the bottom of the engine. If you frequently drive on rough or gravel roads, the pan and gaskets can eventually become damaged and cause slow oil leaks that may be difficult to detect.

  • Engine Components That Were Improperly Installed

  • Your engine may leak oil if the oil pan and gaskets were fitted too tightly or if the oil filter is fitted too loosely, which will cause oil to leak as it flows into the engine.

  • Defective Valve Seals & Rings

  • If the valve seals and rings in your vehicle’s oil system become damaged, your engine may develop small oil leaks.

    It’s important to remember that engine oil leaks do not happen spontaneously while a vehicle is parked. They are more likely to occur while your car is moving. If oil is leaking, your engine’s heat will burn up the leaking oil and produce a distinctive odor. Since an undetected oil leak can cause a lot of damage to your engine, it’s best to get regular inspections at a Tempe repair shop so any problems can be addressed before they become more significant.

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    Posted: July 16, 2021