Stop! Are Your Brakes Faulty?

Stop! Are Your Brakes Faulty?

Arizona car repairs can sometimes be expensive depending on what needs to be replaced; but by practicing preventive maintenance you could significantly reduce the cost of your repair bill at the auto repair shop.

An area of your car you should always pay attention to is the braking system. The probability of causing an accident due to faulty brakes is high, which will add to your money worries; not to mention the risk of serious injuries.

There are several tell-tale signs that you should look out for to know if you braking system needs to be repaired at the auto repair shop, or if it needs general car repair maintenance. When you apply brakes, the pedal is supposed to feel firm on application. However, if the brake pedal feels soft, then it is a sign that the brake-fluid reservoir is running low on fluid or that the hydraulic system has to be looked at.

Check the brake fluid reservoir and add fluid if it is reading low. Proceed to pump the brake pedal several times, which should cause it to regain its firmness. If this does not work then have your car towed to the auto-repair shop.

Most drivers can tell when something is wrong with their vehicle by just listening for any unusual sounds. If you hear squeaking, or any grinding noise coming from the brakes then the brake pads are probably loose in the caliper, or that the pads are completely worn and are now rubbing against the rotor disks. This is potentially dangerous and costly vehicle repairs to you.

At the mechanics repair shop, he will do a thorough inspection of your brakes to locate the source of the problem. Generally, if the problem is caught in time the repair bill should not be high.

Your vehicle is an investment that will take care of you once you take care of it. Contact us today!

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Posted: June 6, 2012