5 Ways to Prevent Transmission Failure


5 Ways to Prevent Transmission Failure


Take Care Of Your Transmission & Keep It Brand New

Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, it will experience a considerable amount of wear and tear in its lifetime. With the exception of the engine, the transmission is the most important and also the most expensive system in your vehicle. Its job is to transfer enough power from the vehicle’s engine to the wheels so that your vehicle can move forward or backward at the speed that you want it to go. Imagine how much stress can build up within the components of your transmission system after years of driving!

Because of the constant wear and tear on the complex gears inside your vehicle’s transmission system, it’s important to perform routine maintenance and keep it in top condition. Having your transmission taken care of by Tempe car maintenance can help prevent expensive and inconvenient repairs in the long run. A rebuild or replacement of your vehicle’s transmission system can easily cost $2000-4000, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your vehicle’s transmission in optimal condition. Check out these 5 tips from your local car mechanic on how to prevent transmission failure.

Scottsdale Muffler Expert Repairing a Transmission In Tempe, Arizona

1. Check Your Vehicle’s Transmission Fluid Regularly

Like the engine, brakes, and other systems in your vehicle, your transmission uses specialized fluid to reduce friction and ensure that its delicate gearbox continues to work properly. On most vehicles, transmission fluid will last 30,000-60,000 miles and then will need to be replaced. It may sound intimidating, but checking the transmission fluid is actually quite easy on most vehicles. Simply pull out your owner’s manual, open the hood, and locate the transmission fluid receptacle. While your vehicle is idling, you will need to remove, clean, and re-insert the dipstick very similarly to how you would check your engine’s oil. Then pull it out again and take a look at the fluid on the dipstick. Transmission fluid is bright red, clear, and smells slightly sweet. If the fluid is dark, murky, or has a rotten smell, it has expired and should be replaced by a qualified Tempe auto repair shop.

2. Follow The “Severe Use” Replacement Schedule

Heat in your vehicle’s transmission as a result of old transmission fluid is what causes the majority of the wear and tear on most transmissions. If you use your vehicle in extreme conditions such as driving in heavy city traffic or in very hot temperatures, or if you regularly tow heavy loads and trailers, you’ll want to check the fluid more frequently. In these situations, it’s smart to have your transmission fluid and filter changed every 18,000-20,000 miles.

3. Keep Your Engine’s Cooling System In Good Shape

Likely, you know that your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system prevent your engine from overheating. But you may not know that the cooling system helps keep your transmission fluid cool, too. Despite their heavy work, transmission systems are delicate and cannot get too hot. Keep your coolant filled and make sure your vehicle’s cooling system is always in good condition – this will benefit both your engine and your transmission system! If you’re not sure how to manage your vehicle’s cooling system, schedule an appointment with your trusted Phoenix mechanics.

4. Be Careful When Changing Gears & Use The Parking Brake

It’s easy to accidentally damage your transmission’s gearbox if you change gears improperly. This can happen if you bump the shifter into reverse while driving or put your vehicle in park before coming to a full stop. While one incident is probably not going to be a problem, that kind of driving can put undue pressure on your transmission if it happens repeatedly over time. Always be sure to come to a complete stop before switching gears.
You should always use a parking brake when you park on any type of incline. Automatic transmissions have a pin that prevents the vehicle from moving backwards when parked on a hill, but this pin can become weakened. Using your parking brake whenever you are on an incline will save your transmission a lot of strain.

5. Invest In An Annual Transmission Inspection

Prevention really is the best medicine. Schedule a comprehensive car inspection annually at a Tempe car repair shop. This should include a transmission inspection to make sure everything is in top condition and working smoothly. With routine vehicle inspections, you can catch any potential problems before they turn into bigger (and more expensive) issues.

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Posted: February 1, 2022