Why Your Brake System Needs Regular Maintenance


Why Your Brake System Needs Regular Maintenance


The Importance Of Keeping a Car Braking System In Good Condition

In any vehicle, the brake system is one of the most critical components. It’s important for car and truck owners to be aware of their brakes and keep an eye on the system at all times. Regular preventative maintenance goes a long way toward preventing serious accidents and injuries. Keep reading to learn more about what maintenance needs to be done by a Tempe repair shop to keep the braking system in your vehicle in good shape.
The Importance Of Keeping a Car Braking System In Good Condition In Tempe

The Dangers Of DIY Brake Maintenance

It’s common for drivers to perform some of their vehicle maintenance by themselves. While this can be a safe and cost effective option for some people, many others are not sufficiently skilled in vehicle maintenance procedures. In those cases, maintaining your car or truck yourself can lead to dangerous situations which can risk your life or the lives of others. Most people should visit a Tempe car repair professional to examine and maintain their vehicle’s braking system. When a professional mechanic is able to look over each component, you can feel confident that you’ve taken appropriate safety measures and that your vehicle will be in top shape.

Even repairs such as brake pad replacements, which may seem like a simple task for many DIYers, can be difficult for someone who lacks experience and knowledge about them. It’s a good idea to get your brakes checked over, and potentially replaced, about once a year. A good time to ask for a brake checkup is the next time you get your tires rotated or oil changed. A quality Phoenix mechanic will be happy to check everything over and will make sure that your car is in better condition when it leaves than it was when it arrived at the shop.

Basic Brake System Care & Repair

The components of brake maintenance are pretty simple. The most frequent job is replacing the brake fluid. This should be done every 25,000 miles to make sure that everything within the brake system is in good working order. It’s smart to set a reminder about this so it doesn’t get forgotten. You’ll feel good knowing that you, and the people around you, are safe from brake failure when you are behind the wheel. Your Mesa car maintenance professional will know that your brake fluid is ready to be changed by looking at the quality of the brake fluid. If it is milky or cloudy in appearance, it needs to be flushed and changed out as soon as possible. To do this, your Tempe mechanic will depress the brake system, allow the pressure to build up, and then flush the fluid through the brake lines and out of your vehicle. Then the system can be refilled with new brake fluid.

Over time, moisture can build up inside the brakes, even though it is a closed system. This moisture accumulation causes premature wear on brake parts, causes internal parts within the brake system to rust or corrode, or affect the way the brake fluid works, resulting in less effective or even failed braking. These types of serious damage that result from moisture in the system can cause a serious accident if the brakes fail. To help prevent this from happening, your mechanic will examine and replace the pads or rotors in your brake system. This is usually needed about every 60,000 miles depending on what type of driving you normally do in your vehicle, but the brake pads should be preventatively looked over at every maintenance appointment, such as an oil change, to make sure they are in good condition before something goes wrong.

When you work with a trustworthy Tempe car repair shop and make sure to schedule regular maintenance on your brakes, you can potentially extend the life of your braking system. You can also feel confident that you’ve made your vehicle as safe as possible for yourself and other drivers.

Contract a Reliable Tempe Mechanic

If you’re looking for a reliable Tempe auto repair shop to check over your vehicle’s braking system, call Scottsdale Muffler. We are a family owned and operated business and have been offering car repair services for over two decades. Our experienced mechanics are dedicated to giving you an honest, timely, and professional experience at a great price. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a friendly consultation and free estimate on your vehicle!


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Posted: June 18, 2021