Repairing your Classic Car After a Phoenix Accident

Repairing your Classic Car After a Phoenix Accident

You have always known that by taking your classic car on the road, the chance of being involved in a collision increase dramatically. But what fun is leaving a classic car that begs to be driven in your garage?

However, if you are a responsible car owner, the aftermath of the collision should be rather smooth sailing. Classic cars, like every other vehicle, need to be insured. Specialty insurance policies are available to owners of classic cars, but often have stipulations such as driver restrictions and lack of coverage during car shows. Nevertheless, in the unfortunate event of a collision, your expenses will be covered.

Repairing your Classic Car After a Phoenix Accident

Repairing your Classic Car After a Phoenix Accident

In this guest blog by Excel Collision, learn about the importance of repairing your classic car after an auto accident!
Phoenix, Arizona

As with every other car, it is essential to have your classic automobile checked as soon as possible to ensure the structural integrity of the car is still in place and that the car is not a road and safety hazard. An additional issue with classic cars is rust. Because they are older, the presence of corrosion and rust is more likely and the longer your wait, the more damage will occur. Do not let your classic car sit out of doors until you can take it to your trusted collision auto body shop in Phoenix. Keep it dry and prevent rust from taking over damaging your beautiful investment even more.

Repairing the body of your classic has its own unique challenges. Even though classic cars are usually build sturdier and simpler than those being manufactured today, finding matching paint or parts can be a true challenge. Generally speaking, the older the car, the harder it will be to come by a particular part. Trucks from the 1960ies (even though they are not considered to be classics by the stringent standards of Classic Car Club of America), can be restored more easily than a automobile from 1940.

Do not let your shop around the corner handle your classic car repair if classic cars is not something they specialize in. Just like Excel Collision specializes in aluminum body repair, you need a collision center that has the proper tools and experienced technicians to work on classic cars, their unique parts, and understand the structure and components of your car. An autobody technician versed in modern cars and tools probably is not the right choice for your car repair.

Often times you can find referrals to great body shops online in classic car forums or at local classic car shows. Intricate workmanship and luxury components can often be found on the interior or classic or vintage cars. Because of their luxurious upholstery and specialty wood accents, those cars exude glamor. Parts or replacements for the interior of these vehicles is almost impossible to find, but a good classic car technician is truly more like an artist when restoring those cars to former glory while maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the car inside and out.

Regardless if your classic has been in a collision or “just” requires restoration, it is essential to find a car technician who knows classic cars. Poorly executed repairs as well as bad restorations will devalue your investment and can compromise the car;s structural as well as authentic integrity.
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Posted: July 29, 2015