5 Surprising Car Accessories that Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Surprising Car Accessories that Will Make Your Life Easier

Lots of car accessories are available that let you do things you like in the car, like listen to CDs (wait, does anyone do that anymore?), enjoy a fresh scent, or even watch movies on long trips (while you’re the passenger, of course). You may not know it, but there are also a lot of car accessories that will make it easier to do many things that you need to do in your car. Here are five car accessories you may not know you need to make your life easier:

Auto Accesories

USB Car Charger

These days, a lot of new cars come with at least one USB charger – and sometimes a few. But not all vehicles come with a USB charger, and you may drive an older model. So what do you do when you’re late to work and your phone is grasping for battery life? With a USB car charger, you can power up your phone while you are on the drive to work.

USB car chargers plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. They have a USB port at one end, allowing you to plug in your phone’s charger. You can charge any phone model with one of these accessories. Some car chargers also have a plug for certain phone models in case you don’t have a charger cord you can bring with you.

Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Your floors get very dirty over time, even if you are careful about wiping off your feet before you get inside. If it’s rainy or snowy outside, it becomes even harder to keep those seats clean. Your seats take a beating if you have to eat in the car, such as when you’re late to work or you are feeding kids in a hurry. All of this dirt and debris gets rubbed into the upholstery and the carpets, making it hard to even vacuum everything out.

By adding seat covers and car meats to your car, you can protect your car’s interior. If they get dirty or stained beyond salvaging, you can just replace them. Replacing your upholstery or carpets would not be as easy.

GPS Unit

Not everyone has a smart phone. If you don’t have one, you should invest in a GPS unit so you can easily find your way without having to hassle with a huge, paper map. You’ll be able to get where you’re going safely and more easily.

If you do own a smart phone, purchase a dashboard mount for it instead. You’ll be able to follow the directions without holding your phone or distracting your attention.

Portable Jump Starter Kit

You never know when your battery might die on you. When it happens, you may not be around other people who can help you out with a jump start. Or if you are, those people may not have jumper cables. By keeping a portable jump starter kit in your car, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get going again no matter where you are. You’ll be able to jump your own battery without help and without another power source.

Emergency Tire Repair

A flat tire is another thing that can leave you stranded without warning. You should try to keep a spare and tools in your car to change out a tire if you get a flat. But if you don’t have those tools, or if you only have a donut that is on its last legs, having an emergency tire repair kit can help you out of tight spot. The kit can help you patch small holes so that you can get to a service shop to get a new tire.

Car accessories can do more than show off your style in your car or give you fun things to do on long trips. They can actually help you protect the investment you have in your car or get you out of a tight spot. Consider keeping these accessories in your vehicle to make your life a little easier.

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