First Time Car Owner? Follow These Helpful Tips.

Buying your first vehicle is something everyone has spent years looking forward to in their life. Whether you are a brand new driver, or have been driving a while and are finally purchasing your first car, the excitement is palpable. However, Tempe mechanics will agree there are a few very important things to be aware of as you begin using your new vehicle. The experts at Scottsdale Muffler, a highly experienced Tempe car maintenance shop, put together a simple checklist to run through before you take your new car on the road.

First Time Car Owner? Follow These Helpful Tips.

Preventive Maintenance

Simple preventive maintenance goes a long way in protecting the future of your vehicle. Find a reliable Tempe car repair shop that you are comfortable with, who can help you with these maintenance requirements. A trustworthy mechanic shop, such as Scottsdale Muffler, should be very willing to help you learn about the basic needs of your new car. Ask the mechanics to teach you how to check your own oil and other engine fluids, including antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and brake fluid. The tires should also be routinely checked over – look at the tread, air pressure, and overall wear and tear.

Finally, you should also know how to jump a battery for when your engine battery dies out of the blue. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient of times, so the better prepared you are, the more smoothly restarting the engine will go. This sounds like a lot, but in reality it should take 5-10 minutes at the most to do a quick maintenance check of these items. If you can do this consistently, it will go a long way in preventing damages to your car that will require much more time and financial investment from you in the future.

Owner’s Manual

Did you know that your vehicle comes with a complete owner’s manual? Do you know where that manual is located? If not, find it and pull it out! While you do not need to read the entire book cover to cover, it would be wise to hit the highlights and learn the basics. Keep it handy in your glove box so that if you get stranded someday and need to know how to assess the vehicle, you can. Remember that it is a useful tool and could get you out of a potentially hazardous situation someday. Consult with your favorite Tempe car repair shop to learn what is most important for you to know about your specific vehicle.

Important Information

ALWAYS keep your driver’s license and car insurance information on hand while driving your vehicle! This is for your safety and if you get pulled over, it will help you avoid getting slapped with a ticket for not having proof of insurance available. Yes you may be insured, but if you do not have the proof to show a police officer, you will be paying a fine.

It is also a good idea to keep emergency contact information handy in an obvious location. You never know when you may need all this information, and it is better safe than sorry. If you are concerned about losing the originals, make a few copies and keep them in multiple locations such as your home, in your vehicle, and in your wallet. If you are ever in an accident, you will want this info handy and available so you do not have to try and pull it together last minute.

Emergency Kit

Put together an emergency crate to store in your trunk. This crate should include items such as a first aid kit, engine oil and coolant, a few water bottles and some food in case you get stranded, a warm blanket, jumper cables, a small shovel, a flashlight with extra batteries, a few flares, and a spare tire. If you need regular prescription medicine, keep a few of those in there as well. Additionally, if you travel often with a pet, add some pet food to the emergency crate in case they get stranded with you. In the event that you break down somewhere, this emergency kit will help ensure you can either temporarily fix your vehicle in order to get to a mechanic, or keep you warm and fed until help arrives. Whatever the case, it is very wise to be prepared.

Reliable Mechanic

Perhaps most importantly, find a Tempe auto mechanic you trust and put them on speed dial in your phone! Shop around, read reviews, talk to your friends and family, and find someone who will be honest with you about the needs of your vehicle. You want to find someone who will communicate openly and not take advantage of you!

Scottsdale Muffler has all these qualities and more! Our mechanics are experienced in a wide range of vehicles and their needs, and have all the tools and knowledge necessary to keep your car in tip-top shape. With a plethora of excellent reviews from both current and previous clients, Scottsdale Muffler provides all types of car services, from preventive maintenance to full-blown repairs. Whatever your vehicle needs, we are there for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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Posted: February 14, 2020