The Difference between Arizona Home AC Units & Car AC Units

The Difference between Arizona Home AC Units & Car AC Units

Both home AC units and car AC units work on the same principle, they remove hot air from inside and deposit it outside. An Arizona home AC unit consists of a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator.

The Difference between Arizona Home AC Units & Car AC UnitsThe compressor is the big boxy part you see outside your home. It’s called the compressor because its job is to compress the refrigerant, which increases its temperature and turns it into a vapor. The hot vapor then moves into the condenser coil where it is cooled while the heat is transferred outside. So as the refrigerant is changed from liquid to gas it absorbs heat and as it changes from gas to liquid it releases heat.

When the refrigerant cools it changes from a vapor to a liquid. When the liquid refrigerant is forced through the opening in the expansion valve it is changed into a cool mist due to the fact that gas cools as it expands. As the refrigerant cools it changes to a liquid state, returns to the expansion area and continually repeats the cycle. The capability of the refrigerant to change forms as it is compressed and heated and expanded and cooled makes it the lifeblood of your air conditioner.

To put it simply, as air passes through the indoor coil it is cooled and blown through your home while hot air from your home is absorbed and released outside.

Your vehicle AC unit works on the same principle, with a compressor to compress the refrigerant, a condenser containing coils that cool the refrigerant changing it into a cold liquid, and an expansion valve that forces the refrigerant to change into a mist. A blower motor then moves air over the cold evaporator tubes. Additionally a car air-conditioner contains a drier canister where moisture is absorbed from the air. Finally the cool air is blown inside your vehicle.

When you are in need of South Chandler AC repair or air conditioner maintenance it’s best to call a professional, especially since older air conditioners use Freon as a refrigerant. Freon has been found to be dangerous to the ozone, so air conditioner technicians in Apache Junction use special machines to contain the Freon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

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Posted: June 30, 2014