5 Tips From Your Tempe Mechanic For Buying A Used Car

5 Tips From Your Tempe Mechanic For Buying A Used Car

Expert Advice from the Tempe Mechanics at Scottsdale MufflerBuying a used car is an economical choice. Here in Tempe, where there are a lot of college students, many people opt for a used car. And of course it is not just college students! A used car is more affordable and can many times be just as nice as a new car for a much lower price tag. Some people opt to get leases but a used car is generally more economical and not something you are constantly paying for.

That said, you cannot approach buying a used car here in Tempe, or quite frankly anywhere else for that matter, lightly.

Buying a used car is not like picking out a dress or a suit. If you come home and change your mind you can exchange it. Barring the purchase of a lemon, where you are protected, generally you have bought that car for good when you drive it away. So you want to make sure you’ve made a good choice. A bad choice will be a financial drain in Tempe auto repairs and trouble.

1. First and foremost do not go out food shopping when you are hungry! We all know that rule, right? You are always going to spend more at the supermarket if you go when it’s dinner time and you’re starved. Same with going to get your car. Do not head out, willy nilly on a Sunday morning with the idea in your head that you’re coming home with a car today! That is how to get a bad deal. Instead, research at home. Know what your budget is. Know what types of makes and models fit your needs. Are you single? Do you have kids? Do you have carseats? Do you have alot of roadtrips? Do you carpool, and on and on. Make sure you do your homework before you walk out your front door. Look online at car forums and discussion groups so you can hear what real enthusiasts say.

2. Second tip is to trust your gut! Obviously get a carfax report but don’t let that be your only rule. Know about the car. If you’re buying privately from someone, have them meet you at your own Tempe mechanic to have your guy inspect the car. Have a cup of coffee with the guy selling, get a feel for them. Do they seem sleazy? Then walk away! Same deal with buying at a lot.

3. Thirdly, learn to separate “advertising speak” from actuality. What does “certified” mean? Sometimes, not too much, only the powertrain is covered and nothing else. This could cost you thousands in repairs. If you’re not sure, check with someone knowledgeable. Not the salesman!

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4. Next do not finance a used car through a dealership unless they are offering zero percent financing. Some of our Tempe clients may have bad credit or other issues. See what can be done and get zero percent. This is a no brainer. You do not want an advertised price of five thousand dollars that turns into seven thousand because of interest.

5. Lastly, and this is a big one. BE WILLING TO WALK AWAY. There will always, always be another deal out there. You can live another day without the car. You do not need to get “that one right now”. That is sales pressure and not helpful to you. Go out to buy your used car with a friend who will reign you in if you need it. Someone who can force you to listen if you know you are the impulsive type.

Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive’s job as your mechanics in Tempe is to build relationships with customers over the long haul by caring for your vehicles, treating you fairly and giving you sound advice. We do not want to make money on you by wishing you a lemon! We want lifetime customers who refer us to their friends. This used car buying advice is from experience, and can help prevent you from making bad choices that will hurt your pocketbook! Contact us today!

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Posted: December 4, 2013