3 Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Try to Do on Your Own in Scottsdale Arizona

3 Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Try to Do on Your Own in Scottsdale Arizona

There are some car repair and maintenance jobs that you may want to try on your own. Unfortunately those simple car repair jobs that anyone with a wrench can accomplish are becoming few and far between. Today’s cars often have built in diagnostic systems that are difficult to get through in order to reach the parts that need service. Following are three repairs best left to a professional Scottsdale mechanic.


3 Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Try to Do on Your Own in Scottsdale Arizona
Repairing your car is difficult, Let the professionals take care of making sure the car runs great!
Scottsdale, Arizona

AC Repair

It’s now against the law to release Freon into the atmosphere as it damages the ozone. From start to finish it must be properly handled. In Scottsdale Arizona, anyone who is handling Freon without a license is breaking the law. The EPA, among other agencies has really cracked down on this.

It can be quite difficult for a nonprofessional to diagnose an AC problem. It could be the compressor, blower or drier among other things. The entire system may require flushing. If you’re not a mechanic it’s best to take your car to a Scottsdale AZ car repair shop to have your AC issue properly diagnosed.


It’s never a good idea to attempt to service your own transmission, especially today’s highly complicated transmissions. Transmission fluid is important both as a lubricant and as a coolant, since the temperatures inside your transmission rise much higher than your engine temperature. Even simply using the wrong transmission fluid can cause transmission damage.
If you have never seen a diagram of a transmission you would be totally amazed at how many parts there are inside the outer case. When disassembling and reassembling a transmission if a single step is done incorrectly the transmission will not operate properly. Furthermore today’s transmissions are run by a computer so in order for a mechanic to successfully repair a transmission he needs to both understand the physical parts and he must also understand how to use the computerized diagnostic system to diagnose and calibrate the components properly. Lastly, in order to reach the parts of a transmission it’s necessary to remove it from the vehicle. Transmission work is definitely not for the inexperienced.

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Fuel System

Many problems can fall under this category, from a fuel gauge that stops working to a leak that spurts gas everywhere, fuel system problems are best left to an experienced mechanic.
If your car acts like it’s out of gas when you have just filled your tank it could be the electric fuel pump, the fuel injectors or fuel filter among other things. Whatever the cause, your engine isn’t getting enough gas. You need to take it to a car repair shop in order to have it diagnosed. Most parts of the fuel system are extremely difficult to reach. Many require removing the fuel tank and the back seat and should only be done by a mechanic. Gasoline is just too combustible to take chances with in your home’s garage.

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Posted: October 9, 2014