Just Another Reason Why It Always Pays to Work with a Trustworthy and Reputable Phoenix Car Repair Shop

Just Another Reason Why It Always Pays to Work with a Trustworthy and Reputable Phoenix Car Repair Shop

Just Another Reason Why It Always Pays to Work with a Trustworthy and Reputable Phoenix Car Repair Shop!

Just Another Reason Why It Always Pays to Work with a Trustworthy and Reputable Phoenix Car Repair Shop!

Here are some warning signs that you may be dealing with a bad car repair shop!
Phoenix, Arizona

For the unsuspecting consumer it’s all too easy to be taken advantage of by a dishonest Phoenix auto repair shop. If you are not a mechanic how can you know if you’re being taken advantage of with unnecessary car repairs? Most of the time you can’t. Numerous investigations by the Arizona Attorney General, various TV news and investigative shows such as 20/20 have all caught dishonest auto repair shops in the act. Sometimes they are caught right on camera, and other times reporters have taken in a car that has been inspected by several mechanics who found it to be in perfect working order only to have a shady mechanic perform unnecessary auto repair.

Recently, in the course of an investigation, special agents simply disconnected an engine wire, then took it to a Phoenix auto repair shop. Rather than simply plugging the wire in and charging for a reasonable amount of labor to do it, the mechanic instead informed the owner that the vehicle needed a new transmission. At the very least a transmission rebuild was required. The mechanic eventually charged over $1000 for unnecessary repairs and for parts that had never been replaced.

After being caught on camera the auto repair shop admitted to charging for unnecessary car repair. They also admitted to advertising ridiculously low estimates for car repair, and then only after taking apart the engine would they notify the customer of the actual cost, which was always much higher than the initial estimate. The owners of the auto repair shop admitted that they never actually charged these low advertised prices.

In other instances, it was reported that this same car repair shop would disassemble a customer’s engine or transmission before even giving them an estimate, and then refuse to put it back together without being paid for the labor.

Unfortunately, other investigations turned up far too many scams, such as charging the customer for work that was never performed and for much more labor than the job would really require. Many car repair shops actually encourage their mechanics to use these tactics. There is no profit in performing a $15 oil change, so a dishonest mechanic looks for a way to pad the bill, such as recommending a transmission flush or radiator flush.

Here are some warning signs that you may be dealing with a bad car repair shop:

One Repair Leads to Another

There are plentiful horror stories about incompetent mechanics. A sign to watch for is one incorrect diagnosis after another. First he thought it was the battery, but when that didn’t fix it he decided you needed an alternator and then a starter. After paying for numerous parts and labor you’re still having problems!

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The mechanic owes you a good explanation for the initial repair. Sometimes it is just an honest mistake, but then the charge for labor should be refunded or you should receive a discount on the next repair. If the mechanic continues to misdiagnose the problem, find another auto repair shop. Either the mechanic is not properly trained, the shop does not have high quality diagnostic equipment or they are not being honest with you.

The Estimate Sounds Really High

Everyone needs their car fixed as soon as possible, but if the price sounds questionable, don’t just okay the work, ask around. Possibly someone you know had similar work done. You can also call other auto repair shops to ask what they would charge for a similar job. You can check the price of parts online or by calling a parts store. Just keep in mind that the lowest price in auto repair is not always better, it may cost a little more for a highly trained mechanic using quality parts.

A Part They Just Replaced Last Year Goes Out Again

They have to be able to justify a part they replaced not lasting as long as it should. For instance, they replaced your brakes but now you are already feeling a vibration and are hearing strange noises when you apply your brakes. Maybe the original work was done incorrectly or with used parts or faulty parts. Search online to see if this is a common defect in your model of car. If you find the car repair shop is lacking in honesty, such as performing substandard work or using substandard parts you should ask them to repair the car correctly at no charge.

Don’t Just Blindly Follow Their Recommendations

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If you don’t feel at ease with the diagnosis or the Arizona car mechanic, you can ask to see the worn parts. You can see if spark plugs, brake pads, etc. are really bad. If it’s not something easy to view you can ask to see the bad parts after they have been removed. If you don’t know what a good part should look like, ask them to show you the old one compared to a new one.

In spite of all the bad press, not all auto repair shops are dishonest. Finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy Phoenix mechanic is essential to keeping your car on the road. Begin by doing a little research, ask for recommendations from friends and family. Check online for reviews of an auto repair shop you are considering.

Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive is a family owned and operated business with over two decades of experience. During this time we have made a name for ourselves as an honest, professional, full-service Phoenix auto repair shop with strong ties to the community. We have a high level of repeat customers who have become not only customers, but friends. For reliable, honest and reasonably priced service performed by top-notch mechanics with up to date knowledge and training, using the most up to date diagnostic equipment and repair equipment, contact us today.

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Posted: February 9, 2016