Top Reasons Arizona Car Owners Get Custom Fabrication

Top Reasons Arizona Car Owners Get Custom Fabrication

Many people in Arizona really love their cars, as evidenced by the numerous classic and antique car shows held in the area. The world famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event is held here in Scottsdale every January. It takes a knowledgeable mechanic to keep these prized cars in top notch condition. In addition, getting a valuable car ready for a car show, auction, or just personal enjoyment can require custom auto fabrication.

Exhaust Fabrication

In a customized vehicle, you may need to relocate the exhaust in order to clear obstacles, such as the inner fender etc. or you may need the exhaust to exit in a different location. It takes a highly experienced Tempe, Arizona mechanic to redesign or relocate an exhaust system without restricting airflow. The more quickly spent exhaust gases are able to exit the engine, the better your engine will perform.

Top reasons Arizona car owners get custom auto fabrication

Most hot rods and custom cars use exhaust headers to replace the original exhaust manifolds. This makes the engine run more efficiently. To install exhaust headers sometimes you can purchase aftermarket headers that will just bolt on and require no fabrication, but for some vehicles it’s no longer possible to purchase exhaust headers that will fit, so it will require custom auto fabrication.

Furthermore, many hot rods and custom cars do not use the original engines, so the headers and exhaust must be fabricated. These types of jobs require a great deal of skill and expertise in welding and pipe bending. In the end, it has to look good, sound good, and allow air to flow freely.

For newer vehicles, the most bang for your buck can come from having your mechanic replace part of your existing exhaust system with a custom cat-back system. Like the name implies, your mechanic can replace the exhaust in Arizona, starting at the catalytic converter all the way to where your exhaust pipes exit your vehicle. Using larger, skillfully bent, exhaust pipes and an upgraded muffler will allow exhaust gases to escape more quickly, which will result in better performance and better gas mileage. A cat-back system is a green addition since will not change your emissions and will pass smog tests. It will not affect your check engine light.

Exhaust customization and fabrication can also allow you to select the tone of your exhaust, anywhere from quiet to a wide open rumble. If you can’t decide, your mechanic can install baffles that you can run closed for a sedate tone or open for a throaty growl.

Body Fabrication

Our highly trained staff can fabricate any part needed for anything from partial to complete repair and restoration. We can build or customize any body style to accommodate any vehicle, whether a car for every day driving, a hot rod, antique car, off road vehicle, or even a safari coach.

As for trucks, we can lift the body as well as install wheel well extensions and brush guards. We also install stainless steel tool boxes and stainless steel truck bed rail caps for a custom look. Another popular addition for a truck is an electric winch.

Custom auto fabrication may also be necessary for interior restoration. Whether you have a cracked dash, damaged gauges, or broken seats, we can fabricate the parts you need.

Since Arizona is among the golf capitals of the United States, you may want to add a little style to your golf cart. Over the last few years, you may have noticed there has been a lot of customizing going on there.

Top-Notch Arizona Custom Auto Fabrication Services By Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

Frame Fabrication

A rusted frame is a common problem in older vehicles. We can custom fabricate an entire frame, or what ever parts need to be fabricated on an aged frame.

If you do need an entire frame, there are some manufactured frames available for a few of the most popular antique cars. We can install these while checking that all of your original parts are solid. We will work hard at restoring your vehicle as closely as possible to original factory specifications if that’s what you’re after.

In the muscle car era, the manufacturers switched from using a full frame to a unibody. In a unibody frame there is a front frame and a rear frame, with only the car body in between the frames holding them together. This creates a situation where a small amount of rust can do a great deal of damage. Additionally, a collision can cause a misalignment between these two parts of the frame. Another common problem with unibody cars is a rusted floor, which can really make an unibody car unsafe. A high horsepower engine on a unibody car with a rusty floor can result in a bent car. Floors can be repaired either by having aftermarket floors installed or by fabricating new floors.

Arizona custom auto fabrication specialists can fabricate a stabilizer link to connect the front frame to the rear frame, which will stabilize the car’s body. An experienced professional will know how to repair and stabilize a unibody car so that it will not bend or separate.

Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive

At Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive we specialize in custom auto fabrication. Our specialists can fabricate top quality parts designed specifically for your vehicle. We also provide high quality Tempe engine repair work performed by ASE certified mechanics. Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive provides everything from a routine Tempe oil change on your daily driver to customization of your show quality vehicle. At Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Posted: June 18, 2017