Does Your Car’s Color Really Matter?

Does Your Car’s Color Really Matter?

Does Your Car’s Color Really Matter?

Does Your Car’s Color Really Matter?
There are numerous opinions concerning car colors in Scottsdale, Arizona, some are factual, others are not. Are some colors safer than others?
Scottsdale, Arizona

There are numerous opinions concerning car colors in Scottsdale, Arizona, some are factual, others are not. Are some colors safer than others? Do Scottsdale auto mechanics and auto repair shops see more of a certain color vehicle involved in accidents?

According to studies, lighter color vehicles such as white, cream, and silver are more visible and therefore less likely to be involved in accidents. Scottsdale mechanics see a higher number of dark colored cars such as black, gray, and brown that have been involved in accidents. These colors tend to blend in with the road. Here are some other facts regarding car color.

Psychologically the color black is a powerful color representing affluence and elegance. It’s a popular color for luxury cars. However, there are some negative aspects to owning a black vehicle. In Scottsdale, the primary one being that black absorbs heat. Research has shown that under identical circumstances, the cabin temperature in a black car will be approximately 6° higher than that of a light color vehicle. Dirt is the other problem. A black vehicle only looks its best when freshly washed and begins to look dirty much more quickly than a lighter color vehicle.

Red is the most intense color and has been shown to increase the rate of heart beat and breathing. It’s a common belief that red cars are more costly to insure since the owner may be a more emotional person, and possibly an aggressive driver. It’s also believed that the eye-catching color makes red cars more likely to receive speeding tickets. Although red is thought of as an emotionally intense of color, the rest is myth. When obtaining an insurance quote you won’t even be asked the color of your vehicle and studies show that red vehicles receive no more speeding tickets than any other color. Speeding is what greatly increases your chances of receiving a speeding ticket.

Red vehicles show dirt nearly as badly as black vehicles, so unless you really enjoy washing your car, you may wish to look for a more neutral color. In addition, the Scottsdale Arizona sun is very hard on red, black, and other dark colors, often fading them beyond recognition.

Blues and greens are nature’s colors and therefore cause the body to release calming endorphins. This may be part of what makes them popular vehicle colors. How flashy they are and how easily they look dirty depends on the shade and intensity.

The most popular vehicle color in America is white, followed by pearl and silver. Light color cars won’t absorb the heat like a dark color, and also can go much longer in between washings and still look good. They require less auto repair due to their higher visibility and their ability to reflect rather than absorbs heat. This in turn makes them more eco-friendly, allowing for better fuel economy and less emissions. Since a light-colored car reflects more sunlight it will remain cooler and require less use of the air conditioner.

When you need Scottsdale auto repair, the vehicle color can affect the price somewhat, since different color pigments are produced from different materials and these materials vary in price. In addition, metallic paint is considered a premium paint option and will be more costly. It is also more difficult for an auto repair or body shop to apply, so therefore it makes a job more time-consuming. When you purchase vehicle insurance you can purchase custom equipment coverage to mitigate the extra cost of metallic or custom paint jobs.

The color of your vehicle will also affect its resale value. Popular new car colors will continue to be popular colors for used cars. Be a little wary of purchasing vibrant or unusual colors such as orange, yellow, or lime green. Although these colors can be attractive on a sports car, they are definitely not recommended for a luxury car. In addition, more people will have strong opinions regarding these colors while more neutral colors elicit more neutral opinions. Vehicle color can be a difficult choice, especially if more than one person is weighing in on the decision, but knowing the facts can make the choice easier.

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Posted: April 14, 2015