Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance for an Efficiently Running Car


Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance for an Efficiently Running Car


Tempe’s Expert Auto Repair Mechanics Give Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Running

Every season presents new challenges for your vehicle. The extreme temperatures and the local changes resulting in mud, more water on the road, or – in some climates – ice or road salt all pose certain risks to your vehicle or to its safe handling. While we don’t have to worry about ice or snow in Tempe, the extreme summers, the monsoon season, and other seasonal changes all offer plenty of challenges.

You need to get seasonal car maintenance to ensure that your vehicle will perform optimally to keep you safe, and to minimize the risk of problems developing in your vehicle. Here are a few top seasonal maintenance services you should consider for your vehicle:

Car Running Efficiently on Snow After Professional Car Maintenance in Arizona

Oil Changes

You should already be getting an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and your driving habits. However, it is especially important to time an oil change before the start of a new season to ensure that your vehicle has fresh oil and a fresh filter for smooth performance. This is especially true in the winter, when the oil can become dirty after a season of dust, insects, and other debris kicking up into the engine from the summer roads. Make sure your vehicle isn’t being held back by these and other contaminants causing your oil to be sticky and to flow more sluggishly.


Brake Inspection

Winters in Tempe may not get icy, but they are still wet. You need to have good brakes in case of emergency stopping. Now is the time to get your brakes inspected to make sure the pads have plenty of life left on them, the rotors are nice and thick, and there is plenty of good, clean brake fluid. The longer you put off a brake inspection, the more likely you are to sustain serious damage to your brake rotors or drums, which can become quite costly. Save yourself expensive car repair and get the inspection now.

Tire Service

When was the last time you took a good look at your tires? They could have thin thread or even be balding, and you wouldn’t even know it. You need to get a tire service to make sure that your tires have plenty of healthy tread life left in them, as well as to have the tires balanced and rotated for optimal performance. You’ll gain greater control on the road, and your tires will wear down evenly over time, giving them a longer life.

Car Heating & Air Conditioner Service

The winter in Tempe still gets cold, even if not very icy. You need a good heating system if you want to stay comfortable while you’re driving. Don’t wait until the day is unbearable to turn on your heat and find out it’s not working properly. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection. Your Tempe mechanic will make sure everything is working properly, and will make sure that all filters or lines are cleaned so that your vehicle isn’t just blowing dust and bacteria into the cabin.



A comprehensive tune-up is a great idea for any time of year. An Arizona mechanic will look at the major systems of your vehicle, such as the battery, ignition, and engine, to make sure that everything is running properly and that nothing needs attention. The tune-up will check in on your spark plugs, wires, and belts, and it will replace any that need replacing. It will check on your fluid levels and the health of those fluids, and any that need it will be changed. With a tune-up, you can be sure that your vehicle is in top health and is ready for the road.

The best thing you can do to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the season ahead is to build a relationship with a trusted Tempe mechanic to care for your car and develop a tailored maintenance plan for it. Your mechanic will help you know what your vehicle needs and when it needs it to ensure optimal performance all year long and to help you avoid unnecessary car repair.

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Posted: February 8, 2021