4 Tips On How To Conserve & Maintain The Integrity Of Your Engine


4 Tips On How To Conserve & Maintain The Integrity Of Your Engine


Arizona’s Experienced Mechanics On Why Engine Cleaning & Detailing Is A Must

Your engine is the most important component of your vehicle. You can always change the tires if they go flat or make an easy fix to the air conditioner if it stops blowing. But if your engine stops working, you can’t drive the vehicle at all, and you will likely be looking at a huge car repair bill.

Rather than wait until you’re towing your vehicle into a repair shop to pay attention to your engine, you should take preventive steps to keep it in top shape. You’ll save a lot of money, and you’ll ensure you’ve always got a reliable vehicle when you need it. Here are four things you can do to conserve the integrity of your engine:

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Get Regular Oil Changes

You know this. If nothing else, you know that you need to get an oil change every three to five months. It’s the one bit of maintenance that all vehicle owners know they must do, even if they are absolutely clueless about cars and what they need.

Over time, your oil can become dirty, thick, and even sticky. It can clog up parts of your engine and prevent proper lubrication. You need regular oil changes to ensure that your oil is clean and serving your vehicle properly.

Check with your repair shop to find out the exact schedule that’s appropriate for your vehicle and the number of miles you drive.

Lubricate & Degrease Your Engine

Lubrication is essential to the proper functioning of so many parts of your vehicle, but especially the engine. There are many moving parts in your engine, and if they aren’t all properly lubricated, friction can cause parts to wear down and fail. Then you’ll be looking at a big car repair bill instead of a much smaller car maintenance bill.

Keep your engine properly lubricated with clean oil. You may also want to talk to your mechanic about the type of oil you are using. There may be a better quality of oil that can enhance your engine’s health and performance.

Get a Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs help keep the engine firing – literally. But they can’t do their job if they are covered with thick oil or other grime. You need to get a periodic spark plug service to ensure that all the spark plugs are cleaned and are functioning properly.

Typically, you should get a spark plug service every 30,000 miles. But talk to your mechanic to see if your vehicle needs a different schedule.

Clean Your Engine Regularly

You know you need to wash your vehicle when it’s covered in dust and people can write messages with their fingers on your windows. But do you know when it’s time to clean your engine? Or do you even know that it’s dirty?

Your engine can easily become covered with grime or clogged up with debris like road dirt and leaves. Insects can even make a home in your engine. You need to have it regularly cleaned and degreased so that it can function smoothly, with no gunk clogging up any of its parts. Talk to your mechanic if you smell anything strange or see any smoke coming from the engine. It may just need to be cleaned.

You don’t have to go to extraordinary lengths to keep your engine humming. You just need to commit to regular car maintenance, and you need to take these particular steps to keep your engine clean and running properly. You’ll save a lot of money on car repair over time, and you’ll extend the life of your engine.

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Posted: January 14, 2021