5 Considerations to Make Before Tinting Your Windows

5 Considerations to Make Before Tinting Your Windows

Tinted windows are a fun enhancement feature that can be added to any car. Not only does it make your car look sharp and fancy, but it provides numerous benefits as well. If you are considering getting your car windows tinted at the local Tempe car maintenance shop, here are a few things you should know first.

5 Considerations to Make Before Tinting Your Windows

Pros & Cons

Before jumping into any big decision, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of what you want to do. Car window tinting is no different. What are the pros and cons of window tint?

Reduces upholstery and accent fading
Protects your skin from UV rays while driving
Reduces heat absorption inside your vehicle
Increases privacy
Can protect your window glass from shattering in an accident
Gives your vehicle a streamlined, mysterious, and professional look

Can be illegal in your area
Can be expensive
Could delay proper medical care for any passengers in an emergency

While this is not a comprehensive list of positives and negatives, it provides some different perspectives to consider before diving into the window tinting world. Continue reading to learn more about some specific areas to consider before hiring a professional Tempe car repair shop to tint your car windows.

1.Is It Legal In Your Area?

Every state has its own laws governing window tinting and the level of darkness you can apply before it is deemed unsafe. It is important to talk with your Tempe mechanics and do your own research about the legalities of window tinting in your specific area, in order to avoid violating any laws. If you are found to be in violation of your state’s tinting requirements, you will have to pay a hefty fine and also pay to have the tint removed.

At first thought, it makes sense that the darker the tint, the better, due to greater UV protection and heat repellant abilities. This is especially common in the southern states where sun rays are hotter and more intense. However, in the northern states, a dark tint tends to indicate the driver has something to hide, and it tends to be more suspicious. To each their own preference, but be aware of the laws governing tint in your area.

2.Does It Limit Your Vision?

While tinted windows can reduce UV ray exposure and help protect your eyes from sunlight during long drives, they can also impede your vision and lead to unsafe driving. Most people do the majority of their driving during the day when dark window tint offers the most benefits; however, if you tend to drive more often at night, it may be worth reconsidering how dark you want your windows to be.

Missing an animal crossing the road, a person walking down the side of the road, or a car driving without headlights on, can ultimately lead to an accident or even a fatality. Inclement weather can also inhibit your vision while driving, even without window tint, so make sure you consider all aspects of driving before choosing a tint.

3.What About During an Accident?

In the unfortunate event that you are in a vehicle accident and also have dark tinted windows, the EMTs and other rescue teams may have a difficult time seeing inside your vehicle. This means the potential for a delay in giving care to hurt passengers simply because they were too easily hidden by the dark windows. Normally, a few extra minutes may not be a big deal. But at an accident scene, every minute counts, and could mean all the difference between life and death.

4. Do You Want to Draw Unnecessary Attention to Yourself?

As touched on earlier, a dark window tint is quite common in southern states where sunlight is intense. However, in northern states, a dark tint is typically a strong indicator that the driver is hiding something and does not want to be easily seen. In reality, though, a dark window tint is a head turner, which ultimately defeats the purpose of what you may be trying to achieve.

It has been shown that police are more inclined to pull you over when they see dark window tint on your vehicle, due to it being oddly suspicious. If you choose to go ahead with a dark window tint, you may find yourself at the Tempe repair shop soon after for a lighter window shade instead, due to the unnecessary attention you have drawn to yourself.

5.How High Are You Willing to Let Your Insurance Rates Climb?

Many drivers may be surprised to learn that most insurance companies increase your rate depending on the level of your window tint, just like they do with the paint color of your vehicle. Do you own a red vehicle? Higher insurance rate. Does your vehicle have a dark window tint? Higher insurance rate. This increased rate is likely due to the visual impairment of window tint, no matter how little tint you may have. While it may not seem like much, every little increase adds up, so this is an important factor to consider before choosing to tint your windows.

If you have been considering adding a window tint to your vehicle, Scottsdale Muffler is an excellent resource. With affordably priced services and consistent five-star ratings, our mechanics specialize in everything from repairs, parts replacement, Tempe car ac repair, tune-ups, basic maintenance, and more. When you choose Scottsdale Muffler to add window tint to your vehicle, you can expect high-quality materials to be used and thorough, professional results. Contact us today at (480) 994-4741 to learn more!

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