Warning Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs To Be Replaced


Warning Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs To Be Replaced


How To Tell If Your Car Needs a New Exhaust System

As one of the most intricate and complex parts of any vehicle, the exhaust system is also one of the most important. Its job is to remove the gasses that form in the combustion chamber of your vehicle’s engine. To do this, the exhaust system is made up of multiple components, including the exhaust manifold, the oxygen sensor, the catalytic converter, the muffler, and the exhaust pipe.
A vehicle’s exhaust system is different from other parts of the vehicle because it doesn’t need routine repairs the way an engine needs an oil change or tires need to be regularly rotated. This means drivers will need to keep a close eye on the exhaust system so that they can be aware of signs that indicate it’s ready for a repair or replacement.

Mechanic repairing an exhaust system in Arizona

The exhaust system will communicate problems through various sounds, sights, and smells. Because the exhaust system is quite large and covers the entire length of the vehicle, a problem can happen almost anywhere. Its location may not be immediately apparent without the help of an experienced Arizona mechanic. Take a look at these warning signs that your vehicle may be ready for an exhaust system repair or replacement:


Excessive & Unusual Noise

Most drivers know that their vehicle is having a problem if it starts making a lot of noise, but it takes experience to understand what each noise means. Each component of an exhaust system will make a distinct noise that can be recognized by Scottsdale mechanics during an evaluation.
For example, a faulty gasket on the exhaust manifold usually makes a hissing or tapping sound, while a knocking noise might indicate that air and fuel have gotten mixed together in one of the engine’s cylinders. If your vehicle’s engine is idling more loudly than normal, it’s probable that one or more cylinders is not gaining enough compression. Other types of rattling, shaking, and unidentifiable noise can point to a problem with the muffler, whose job is to minimize the sounds that your engine makes as it runs.
Mesa auto repair recommends that drivers avoid driving their vehicle if the engine is making loud or unusual noises, because pushing a vehicle’s performance while something is wrong with the engine can cause long-term damage that is very expensive to repair. As soon as you hear any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle, get it checked out right away so that Mesa mechanics can identify and repair the issue before it gets worse.


Reduced Performance

Decreased engine performance can indicate that your exhaust system needs repair. Being an observant driver pays off because noticing that your vehicle’s performance is reduced can help you get your vehicle fixed more quickly. If your vehicle isn’t accelerating as quickly as it should be, there could be an engine leak somewhere in the exhaust system. This will also result in bad gas mileage as your vehicle works overtime to compensate for the engine problem. Your vehicle’s engine will burn fuel more quickly and you’ll end up paying more at the pump. If you’ve noticed reduced engine performance, schedule an appointment with Tempe car repair to diagnose the issue.

You Notice Burning Or Gas Odors

Burning and gas odors are two key odors that can help pinpoint a problem with your vehicle. If the exhaust has a bad gasket, you may hear a whistling sound and you’ll also detect a distinct burning odor, which you’ll probably be able to smell from inside your vehicle or after getting out in a parking lot. If you smell gas, it means your vehicle is leaking through one of the exhaust pipes – a big problem for your vehicle, your wallet, and the environment.


You See a Problem

Sometimes, you can easily see that your exhaust system needs repair or replacement. You may see rust, cracks, or stains on your vehicle’s muffler, tail pipe, or other exhaust system components. Small leaks will eventually become big leaks that can cause extensive damage to your vehicle, so it’s important to deal with visible exhaust problems as soon as possible. If you see smoke coming out of your vehicle, take it into a Phoenix repair shop right away.


Get Your Exhaust System Inspected Today

If you suspect a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system, call the trusted team at Scottsdale Muffler. Our experienced mechanics are ready to diagnose and repair problems with the exhaust or other systems so you can get optimal performance. As a family owned business, we provide friendly, honest service! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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Posted: April 5, 2022