Are Dual Exhausts Just for Looks?

Are Dual Exhausts Just for Looks?

Although dual exhaust pipes do look cool, in no way is a dual exhaust system just for looks. If you add dual exhaust pipes to a single exhaust you can achieve a more exciting appearance and it will have no negative effect on the performance of your car. A custom exhaust system properly installed by a Tempe mechanic will definitely increase the performance of your car.

are dual exhausts just for looks

Your car breaths similar to the way you do. It takes in air and fuel and releases residual air and fuel through the exhaust. Your car’s engine is called a four stroke because each piston makes four separate strokes or cycles. The cycles are intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. 1) During the intake cycle the intake valve is opened and the piston pulls a mixture of air and fuel into the cylinder. 2) during the compression cycle the piston compresses the mixture of air and fuel in order to make it even more combustible. 3) during the combustion cycle the spark plug ignites the mixture of air and fuel inside the cylinder. 4) during the exhaust cycle the exhaust valve is opened and anything left over from the gas and fuel mixture is pushed out of the cylinder through the exhaust valves and out through the exhaust system.

Your car can have either a single exhaust system or a dual exhaust system. A smaller car such as a four cylinder begins with one exhaust manifold, while a car with a bigger engine such as a V8 will have two exhaust manifolds. What happens after that depends on how your exhaust is configured. From the manifold the pipes go to the catalytic converter and the muffler. In a single exhaust vehicle, the pipe coming from each manifold usually comes together in a Y configuration so that it merges into one pipe before reaching the catalytic converter and muffler. A vehicle with a dual exhaust will have two catalytic converters and mufflers. Many dual exhausts are configured into the shape of an H before reaching the catalytic converters to better control back pressure, which will increase performance. Back pressure is like a bottle neck, preventing exhaust from escaping quickly.

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The purpose of an exhaust system is to remove the left over air and fuel mixture from the cylinders so that the next cycle can begin. Dual exhaust systems can accomplish this more quickly. The more exhaust your car can get out, the more air the engine can take in which results in more horsepower.

If your car has a larger engine such as a V6 or a V8 and only has a single exhaust there is a large amount of exhaust trying to get out through one catalytic converter, one muffler and one tailpipe. This causes back pressure, depriving your vehicle of horsepower.

In a larger engine, if each head has its own exhaust manifold and exhaust system, a greater amount of exhaust can be pushed out more quickly, decreasing back pressure thereby increasing horsepower. If you choose to convert to a custom exhaust system remember that the exhaust manifolds are a major cause of back pressure and converting to headers will reduce that back pressure to increase your car’s performance. To get the greatest benefit you should replace the exhaust manifolds with headers and use good pipes and custom mufflers.

dual exhausts on mustang in tempeSince more air in and more air out create the least resistance and result in maximum efficiency, you may see a savings in your miles per gallon. How much depends on exactly what modifications you make. A dual custom exhaust system and custom muffler can really up the “wow factor” of your car, providing more horsepower, better looks and a deep rumbling exhaust sound found in high end sports cars. Your Arizona mechanic can advise you on the best choice in a custom exhaust system along with other modifications you may be interested in. After any of these modifications most computer controlled vehicles will automatically adjust such things as the air intake and idle speed. If you like a louder exhaust system, your mechanic can also advise you about noise level ordinances. Some custom exhaust systems have interchangeable baffles to allow you to choose the amount of air restriction and how loud or quiet you want your exhaust to be at a particular time.

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Posted: November 15, 2016