Watch For These Warning Signs That Indicate Your Brakes Are Failing

Watch For These Warning Signs That Indicate Your Brakes Are Failing

Have you ever put off getting your car fixed? If it’s something like getting a tail light replaced or getting your engine checked, it doesn’t seem to be that urgent of a problem. Most of us procrastinate in order to save the money, but what about something more pressing than a tail light or if your check engine light has come on? What about your brakes? Having your brakes changed out when they need to be is essential to your safety and survival. Bad brakes can mean the difference between life and death, so knowing when to change them out and what to look for is crucial.

watch out for these warning signs that indicate your brakes are failing

Your first and most obvious method of knowing if your brakes need to be changed is the ABS indicator light on your dashboard panel. This goes for all issues concerning your vehicle. When something goes wrong or something is failing in your car, the vehicle’s safety controls are letting your know that there is an issue, and it needs to be addressed. This includes airbags, your engine, brakes, and your battery. So when your ABS light comes on, you should immediately take your car to your local Phoenix auto mechanic to see just what the problem is, and get it fixed so you can remain safe.

Another extremely obvious indication that your brakes have gone bad is the high pitched squealing noise that comes from then when you are braking. All brake pads have a built in warning tab that rubs the rotor when they reach wear limit and need to be replaced. A lot of things can distract from this, like music on the radio, or even if you have your windows rolled down. You will need to gauge the wear of your brakes by how easy it is to stop your car, and if you happen to notice the squealing sound, then you should get your brake replaced right away.

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While outside sounds can easily distract you from the noises your car is making, a loud grinding noise coming from your brakes is the next step from the high pitched squealing. This usually means that your brake pads have worn all the way through, and there is nothing left. If this is the case, you will need to get your brakes done immediately. This could mean the difference between your safety, and your demise. The metallic grinding noise will only happen if you do not take care of your brakes after you have heard the squealing. So make sure you listen to your car and notice these things.

Another indication that your brakes have gone bad is that it is hard to press down on the pedal. The pedal could feel spongy and vibrate, or if you have to press down on it multiple times when you are trying to stop, it is a good way to tell when it is time to change your brakes. Noticing how the pedal feels will always give you a way to tell if your brakes are in good shape or not. Changes in how the pedal responds to pressure can lead to several problems with the potential for danger, including air in the lines, low fluid, or even an internal leak in the master cylinder. Take notice of these things, and it could save you.

mechanics working on car brakes in phoenix shopAnother, less obvious way to tell if your brakes are failing is the temperature of your tires after you have driven a short distance. In Arizona, it is not as easy to tell, especially during the summers, but if your tires are hot after driving only a few short miles, then this is an alarm bell that tells you that you need new brakes. Or, if you see metal flakes and shavings on or around your tires, that means your brakes are failing, and you need to get them replaced immediately. Metal is grinding on metal, creating heat, and shaving off parts of your car.

So don’t wait another moment. For excellent brake repair services, and other vehicle restoration offers, come to Scottsdale Muffler. We have the experience and knowledge to find the problem with your car and repair in Phoenix it in a timely manner so that you can be on your way. If the problem lies within your brakes, we do that too. Your safety is the number one concern. So don’t wait. Come to Scottsdale Muffler for all of your Arizona car repair needs!

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Posted: October 26, 2016