Care, Maintenance and Repair of Your Automobile

Care, Maintenance and Repair of Your Automobile

How exactly do you care for your car? It begins before you make the purchase. Do your homework, check to see which manufacturers have been stable and reliable for a long period of time. Choosing a car with an extensive warranty is a good place to start, but that warranty won’t do you any good if the car maker goes bankrupt. Buy from a stable manufacturer with a good reputation. In addition, research how difficult it is to obtain parts for older models.

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After you make the purchase, treat your car kindly. If you purchase a new car, read the owner’s manual. Follow the recommendations regarding the break in period. When you start your car let it warm up, allowing the oil to begin to circulate. That’s what warming it up means, letting the oil get warm. If it’s very cold, give your car a few minutes to warm up, and then drive slowly for the next few minutes.

Once the break in period is complete, that doesn’t mean you should drive like you’re in the Indy 500. Accelerate slowly, not over revving the engine or forcing your automatic transmission to shift hard. Also break gently. Driving instructors used to tell students that you should be able to drive without spilling an open cup of coffee.

Something to keep in mind: like everything else, the less you use your car the longer it will last. If possible get into a car pool; it can help save both your car and the environment.


Highway driving is easier on your car than city driving. Short trips are especially harmful. When you drive for just a few minutes your engine never has the opportunity to reach its full operating temperature. The result is that water that is produced during combustion does not fully evaporate. This condensation can then dilute your oil, making it unable to properly lubricate your car’s engine. Changing your oil even more frequently than recommended in the owner’s manual may help prevent damage caused by too many short trips.

Here’s one more thought on being kind to your car, avoid weighing it down. Many people think nothing of driving around with 200 pounds of water softener salt or sand for the kid’s sandbox. Doing this is hard on your shocks, brakes, engine, and gas mileage.

Now let’s move onto car maintenance. Oil is the lifeblood of your car; don’t neglect to keep it clean. Consult your owner’s manual as to how often to change it. It may give you suggestions for both light and heavy driving. In Phoenix Arizona, the heat and mountainous conditions mean you should choose the more frequent suggestion. At each oil change have the filter changed as well. Cooling fluids are also extremely important; maintaining them at the correct levels can also save the life of your car.

All of the fluids in your car will eventually need to be changed. Changing the power-steering fluid and the transmission fluid every 50,000 to 60,000 miles can double the life of these components.

In addition, have the brakes and exhaust checked regularly for needed maintenance. Performing all of the suggested maintenance as the manufacturer recommends will definitely prolong the life of your car.

Keeping a car in good repair means paying attention to little problems before they become big problems. If your car starts doing a little shimmy as you drive down the highway it can mean anything from the need for new tires to a problem in the front end. In either case your car can eventually become unsafe to drive.

Pay close attention to the gauges and warning lights on your dashboard. High engine temperature or low oil pressure can each destroy your engine. If your car overheats or your oil pressure drops you can either pull over immediately or buy a new engine. It’s that serious! The other light you can’t ignore is the brake light or ABS light (anti lock brake system). Again, pull over as soon as possible, brakes aren’t something you can drive without!

If you own a car you need a good mechanic. The less you know about cars the more you need to trust your mechanic. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so ask family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations. When you find a mechanic you feel you can trust with your auto repairs, learn to communicate with them. At Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive we pride ourselves on having a good working relationship with our clients.

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Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive is a family owned, full service auto repair shop in the Phoenix metro area. Our experienced mechanics will perform any type of auto repair on any type of vehicle. We also enjoy specialty jobs, such as custom auto fabrication, and repairing and customizing hot rods and antiques. Check out the many services we offer and see why so many people in Phoenix Arizona recommend us! Contact us today!

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Posted: October 14, 2013