A Few Quick Tips to Help You to Make the Most of Your Scottsdale Car Repair Experience

A Few Quick Tips to Help You to Make the Most of Your Scottsdale Car Repair Experience

People frequently take their car into their Scottsdale auto repair mechanic and request a “tune up”. While all cars should be properly maintained, the tune up is one car repair procedure that’s somewhat outdated. Compared to the cars our parents drove, today’s engines are more like computers. If there’s nothing wrong with a late model car, there isn’t that much an auto repair mechanic can adjust. The idle speed, timing and fuel mixture are all controlled by the engine control unit using the information it receives from various sensors.

Today’s car repair shops can’t agree on what even constitutes a tune up, other than replacing the spark plugs and possibly the spark plug wires. Wear items such as belts, radiator hoses, and heater hoses can deteriorate in the Arizona heat so it’s always a good idea to have those checked as well.

A Few Quick Tips to Help You to Make the Most of Your Scottsdale Car Repair Experience

A Few Quick Tips to Help You to Make the Most of Your Scottsdale Car Repair Experience

Here are some helpful tips from trusted mechanics that can help you to make the most of your car repair experience and to prevent frustration!
Scottsdale, Arizona

If you’re concerned about keeping your vehicle in top-notch running order here are some suggestions for late model cars:

Follow The Recommendations in Your Owner’s Manual

Everything you need to know to keep your car in the best possible condition is in the owner’s manual. Familiarize yourself with it. Many car owners have been saved from unnecessary trips to the auto repair mechanic by reading their owner’s manual, only to find that they simply didn’t understand their car’s gauges and components.

Some of the most important information to follow in the owner’s manual is the oil change frequency and the correct grade of oil to use. It also lists the proper fluids to use for the rest of the vehicle.

A 100,000 Mile Tune up Is Not Required

Along with the computer controlled systems in today’s vehicles, the suspension design and filter systems also require less maintenance. Every car has a specific schedule of maintenance tasks spelled out in the owner’s manual.

Since driving style and climate also play a part in necessary maintenance, be aware that the hot, dusty, desert climate of Arizona is harder on filters, and the extreme heat requires close attention to fluid levels. Stop and go driving in heavy traffic will also cause more wear on brakes and necessitate more frequent oil changes. Once again, the adjustments to scheduled maintenance under such conditions are covered in the owner’s manual.

Keep Maintenance Records Handy

Record and date every maintenance procedure performed on your car. It’s best to keep them in your car, some owner’s manuals have a pocket in the cover just for this purpose. If you do not keep good maintenance records you may end up performing unnecessary maintenance on your vehicle because you simply forgot that it was already done. Keeping maintenance records lets your Scottsdale auto repair mechanic know that you appreciate quality work. Should you decide to put your vehicle on the market well documented maintenance records are a big selling point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask What It Will Cost

When you need Scottsdale car repair, be certain you understand how you will be billed. Most car repair shops have signs posting their rates. Ask to have the job and charges explained to you before any work is actually done.

Choose Between a Dealership and an Independent Car Repair Shop

Some people prefer the dealership because the technicians have been trained by the manufacturer and may even specialize in your type of vehicle. Many dealerships provide continuing training for their service technicians and the rest of the staff. All of this also makes the dealership service department the costlier way to go.

The fact is that many independent auto repair mechanics have worked for and been trained at big dealerships before they decided to open their own small business and they use the same modern diagnostic equipment.

ASE Certification

ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence, an institute that provides written testing for auto mechanics with two or more years work experience in auto repair, and who want to become ASE certified technicians. An ASE certified auto repair mechanic is in high demand and can be counted on for a certain level of knowledge.

Does the Auto Repair Mechanic Have Experience with Your Type of Vehicle?

Today’s vehicles are highly complex, as is the latest diagnostic equipment. One type of engine can differ greatly from another. Find out if your Scottsdale mechanic has the experience, training and correct tools to service or repair your type of vehicle.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Many car owners are afraid to ask questions because they are afraid of appearing foolish. It’s your car and you have every right to know why a repair is needed and how it will be accomplished. It’s the technicians job to explain it to you in a way that you can understand. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the bad part and to ask your mechanic to show you what a new one looks like.

Insist on High Quality Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It’s important that high quality parts made to the manufacturer’s exact specifications are used. This will always result in better performance and longer lasting results. Your local Scottsdale auto repair shop is the best judge of what type of part is needed.

Buyer Beware

If the mechanic can’t answer questions to your satisfaction, doesn’t use high quality parts, or quotes a price much higher than the one advertised, this probably isn’t the mechanic for you. There are plenty of honest, high quality car repair mechanics out there, you just have to find them.

At Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive we will gladly provide a free repair estimate for your vehicle. Absolutely no work will be done without your okay. We are a family owned business that has been around since 1997 and have built up a loyal clientele who know that they can trust us to do the job correctly at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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Posted: March 11, 2016