Car Maintenance: Things You Should Never Overlook

Car Maintenance: Things You Should Never Overlook

We often tend to take our vehicles for granted and overlook or postpone their maintenance, which is actually counterintuitive and is one of the worst mistakes we can make. We rely on our vehicles multiple times daily, so why not treat them properly with regular checks, inspections, and maintenance? If Tempe care maintenance is pushed to the side, you will end up continually looking for a Tempe car repair shop to fix the damage caused to your vehicle. Here we discuss five simple things to regularly maintain to keep your car looking sharp and running its best.


Car Washing

Between the daily wear and tear of driving, the bird droppings from parking under that tree growing next to your house, or salt on the winter roads, your vehicle faces all kinds of rough elements. However, putting in the effort to regularly clean your car’s exterior can go a long way in preventing corrosion and paint chips. Bugs, hailstorms, rocks flung from other cars, and heat can all tend to corrode the paint and wear away at the exterior. Additionally, winter is particularly harsh on cars from the road salt and ice melt, since these will not only ruin the paint but will contribute to rust buildup underneath your vehicle. It is highly recommended to wash your car approximately every 2 weeks to help preserve the appearance and protect the overall exterior.

Fluid Checks

Keeping the fluids in your engine topped off will help keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape, and can even boost fuel economy. This includes motor oil, coolant, power steering, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. If you are uncertain about how to check these or where they are located, simply ask your mechanics, or consult your owner’s manual for direction. Be sure you are purchasing the correct fluid for your specific vehicle, or you will be making multiple trips to your Tempe repair shop for engine damages and poor performance. Additionally, it is recommended to keep your windshield washer fluid filled as well for your own convenience while driving.

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance includes air pressure checks and regular tire rotation. The air pressure needs to be checked consistently since it will slowly leak out with use and time. Your driver side door usually contains a sticker telling you the exact pressure to inflate your tires to, so you can know that you are doing it properly. Too much pressure and you risk a blowout, and with not enough pressure, you risk flat tires or worse.

Additionally, regular tire rotation is important to keep the wear evenly spread out among your tires. It may also help increase the amount of miles you get out of your tires before needing to replace them entirely.

Air Filter Replacement

While it may seem silly, something as simple as replacing the air filter in your engine can go a long way in contributing to engine health and longevity. A dirty filter will clog the airflow, leading to lower fuel economy and poor engine power. Typically, an air filter will need replacing when it looks dirty, but you also have the option to change it at regular mileage intervals. This can be whenever your oil gets changed, tires get rotated, or simply according to the recommended mileage intervals in your owner’s manual.

Regularly Check Belts and Hoses

Perhaps most importantly, keep your belts and hoses in good order. There are multiple belts and hoses running throughout your engine, and if any of them become cracked, disconnected, overly stretched, or snapped, several of your vehicle’s systems will fail. For example, a broken serpentine belt will cause your air conditioner compressor, power steering, and water systems to fail, leading to a visit to the Tempe car ac repair shop. If the hose to your radiator cracks, a coolant leak will occur and lead to an overheated engine while driving.

Set regular intervals for yourself to remember when to check your belts and hoses (such as at every oil change, or when you check fluid levels). If you hear any unusual noises such as whirring, squeaking, or clicking, consult with your mechanic as this may indicate a belt issue.

Any good Tempe car repair mechanic will tell you how important it is to take the time and effort in checking over your car’s engine and making sure everything is running smoothly. Additionally, go through the car wash regularly or wash it at home. Keeping your car clean is key to a stunning overall appearance and performance. Take the little extra steps now toward proper maintenance, and your car will repay you in the long run with stellar and reliable performance.

At Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive, we provide the best Tempe car maintenance in the Valley to help ensure that your car is in prime working condition at all times. Our expert mechanics can quickly and efficiently diagnose any issues with your vehicle and fix it them with ease. Call our Tempe auto mechanics today to find out more about the car maintenance services we provide!

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