How To Avoid The Symptoms Of Low Engine Oil


How To Avoid The Symptoms Of Low Engine Oil


Common Causes Of Low Engine Oil: Recognize The Symptoms & Take Action Quickly

Proper levels of engine oil are essential to the healthy functioning of your vehicle. A layer of pressurized oil helps to lubricate all the moving parts in your engine, preventing friction that can wear down the parts and lead to failures. Oil also helps to keep the engine at a safe temperature so that it operates smoothly.

Getting consistent, routine Scottsdale car maintenance will ensure that your vehicle always has proper oil levels. If you neglect this maintenance, the system can easily break down and lead to big, costly problems. You will also need to be alert to signs of problems between maintenance so that you can make any needed auto repairs before the problem gets bigger.

By understanding the common causes of low engine oil, you can learn to recognize the symptoms and take action quickly.

How to avoid symptoms of low engine oil & take action quickly in Scottsdale, AZ.

Bad Oil Filter: Makes it Harder For The Oil To Travel Through Its System & Do Its Work

Oil picks up dust, small bits of metal, and other debris that can clog it up and make it harder to do its job. The oil filter helps to remove this from the oil so it can keep working longer. If you do not replace the oil filter regularly, it will become clogged up, making it harder for the oil to travel through the system and do its work.

Your oil filter should be changed – along with your oil – every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and your driving habits. You can prevent any problems with a bad oil filter by sticking to this schedule.

Choosing The Wrong & Cheapest Oil Could Jeopardize The Engine

A lot of people just put whatever engine oil in their vehicle costs the least. But you can’t use just any oil on any vehicle. You need the right viscosity and density for your vehicle’s particular system. If you aren’t sure what kind of oil you need, just ask the mechanics at your Mesa auto repair shop to make the appropriate recommendations.

Bad Sensor: Could Misdetect When The Engine Oil Is Low

Your car should have a sensor that detects when your engine oil is low. It’s a safety measure so that your vehicle doesn’t keep running without the oil it needs and break down.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can make that sensor malfunction or stop working. It could start going off when the oil pressure is just fine, or it may not come on at all when the oil pressure is dangerously low. If you notice signs that your engine oil is low – such as the smell of burning oil or problems with performance – take your car to a repair shop to not only check the oil, but also check the sensor.

If The Oil Pump Does Not Work Properly The Engine Will Not Get The Oil It Needs

Your oil pump is responsible for pushing the oil from the pan through your system. If it isn’t working properly, your engine won’t get the oil it needs, and things will start breaking down.

Signs that you are having a problem can include the smell of smoke or burning oil, an overly hot engine, and loud noises coming from the engine. You should always bring your vehicle to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible to find out the source of the problem and repair it.

Sticking to a routine maintenance plan can help you avoid the problems associated with low engine oil. A regular checkup will include looking at the oil levels and making needed adjustments. A regular oil change will also ensure that your oil and filter are clean so the system will work properly. Always work closely with a Phoenix qualified mechanic to determine what your vehicle needs and to diagnose any problems that may occur in their earliest stages.

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Posted: November 2, 2021