8 Reasons Your Car Doesn’t Accelerate Smoothly & How They Can Be Resolved


8 Reasons Your Car Doesn’t Accelerate Smoothly & How They Can Be Resolved


Tempe’s Best Auto Repair Mechanics Discuss Common Reasons Your Car Isn’t Accelerating Properly

Have you ever noticed that your vehicle is jerking while you are accelerating? Jerking or rough acceleration is a problem that should never be ignored. When your car is jerking instead of accelerating smoothly, it’s often a sign that your vehicle is having problems, and those issues can quickly get worse if they aren’t addressed right away. To avoid damage to your vehicle that can become more extensive and more expensive, bring your car into a Tempe mechanic as soon as possible to get it diagnosed and repaired. Jerking while accelerating makes your car more difficult to handle while you’re driving, which can cause safety issues for yourself and other drivers. Don’t wait! Get to the bottom of the situation right away.

Your Tempe repair shop will diagnose and repair any issues with your vehicle causing the rough acceleration, and help you understand what is going on. Here are eight of the most common reasons why vehicles make jerking patterns while accelerating.

8 Reasons Your Car Doesn't Accelerate Smoothly & How They Can Be Resolved

Dirty Fuel Injectors

When fuel such as gas or diesel runs through the fuel lines inside your vehicle, it will leave a bit of residue on your car’s injectors. Over time, this residue can build up and compromise how effectively the injector works. Injectors are an important part of the acceleration process. When they get dirty, the flow of the fuel into your car’s engine is reduced, causing your car to jerk or make other rough movements. Your Tempe mechanics may need to replace the injectors to get things working smoothly and efficiently again.

Dirty Air Filters

After frequent use, air filters eventually become clogged and dirty. This can cause your vehicle to stutter and overall not function the way it is intended to work. If this is the cause of your car’s acceleration issues, your Tempe repair shop can replace the filters for you.

Blocked Catalytic Converter

As your drive your car, its catalytic converters begin to wear out and break down. Sometimes this is caused by blockages that need to be addressed by a mechanic at a Tempe repair shop. Sometimes, the catalytic converters can be cleaned and repaired; other times, one or more will need to be completely replaced so that your car can get back to functioning as it should.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

Like many other parts inside your vehicle, spark plugs wear down over time and need to be replaced by Tempe car repair. When one or more of your car’s spark plugs aren’t working, your car will have power shortages, which cause the jerking experience while you are trying to accelerate. This problem is easily corrected by Tempe car maintenance and replacing the worn out spark plugs so that you can get a smooth acceleration pattern again.

Broken Gas Lines

Sometimes, gas lines get damaged or broken. This prevents fuel from flowing properly through your vehicle, compromising how your car functions and causing jerking or rough feelings while you drive. If this is your problem, a repair shop in Tempe will need to repair the fuel lines.

Damaged Acceleration Cables

Inside your vehicle are specialized cables that help your vehicle accelerate. If these become damaged in some way, your vehicle will be unable to push forward like it normally would, causing a jerking response. Tempe car repair can fix the jerking by replacing the acceleration cables if needed.

Defective Carburetor

A carburetor is a specialized mechanism within your vehicle that supplies air and fuel to the engine. When your carburetor stops working, the engine can’t function the way it is supposed to. This will reduce the acceleration of your engine. A Tempe repair shop will need to open and repair your vehicle’s carburetor. Sometimes, it will need to be replaced altogether.

Damaged Cylinders

The last reason your car jerks while accelerating is because one or more of the cylinders is damaged. When they can’t function the way they are intended to, your car will jerk, and a Tempe mechanic will need to repair or replace the cylinders.

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Posted: May 11, 2021