Spotting Issues with Your Car’s Exhaust

Spotting Issues with Your Car’s Exhaust

A car’s exhaust system helps to regulate fumes put out by the engine, to control the engine temperature and to maintain fuel efficiency. Any leaks or problems with your exhaust system can cause your engine to work over time, wearing it down more quickly and causing major damage. Problems with your exhaust can also cause hazardous fumes to leak into your car’s cabin, exposing you and your family to toxic chemicals.

Spotting Issues with Your Scottsdale Car's Exhaust

Spotting Issues with Your Car’s Exhaust

Here are a few signs that something might be wrong with your exhaust!
Scottsdale, Arizona

It is important that you recognize the signs of problems with your exhaust so you can see a trained mechanic as early as possible for exhaust repair. Doing so will protect your family and save you a lot of money on other repairs.

Here are a few signs that something might be wrong with your exhaust:

Unusual or Loud Noises

Any number of problems with your exhaust can cause noises. The silencer can become corroded, leading to a loud roaring as you drive. The system can become misaligned, causing rattling. Your car may hiss, knock, clank or make any other number of strange noises when there is a problem with the exhaust.

Noises may start out small or be erratic, but over time, they will become louder and more frequent. You may notice these sounds when you are driving or even when the car is idling. It is important that you see a mechanic as soon as you notice the unusual noises. The sooner you get the exhaust repair, the less you will have to spend on other repairs to your engine or other components.


An exhaust leak can cause the steering wheel or gas pedal to vibrate as you are driving. Sometimes, the whole car can shake. Not only does vibration indicate a big mechanical issue, but it can also make it harder for you to maintain control while you are driving, posing a safety concern.

Other issues, such as misalignment, can cause vibrations, so it’s important that you see a trained mechanic to have the problem properly diagnosed.

Fumes Inside Vehicle

The only strange odors you should ever smell inside your vehicle are maybe your own musty shoes or the takeout you left in the back seat. If you start smelling something that smells like burning rubber, gas or some other chemical, you should have your car checked out for exhaust problems. Some fumes are odorless, so by the time you start smelling these odors, you have probably already been exposed to many toxic fumes.

Lower Fuel Efficiency

Pay attention to how frequently you are filling up at the pump. If you find yourself doing it more often, you may have an exhaust problem. Leaks and other damages can cause your engine to work harder, which can lower your fuel efficiency, costing you a lot of money over time.

If you notice these or other problems that you think are attributed to your exhaust system, call Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive in Arizona. We are experts in Scottsdale exhaust repair, and we will get to the bottom off any problems your car might be experiencing. Every Scottsdale mechanic on our team is highly trained in exhaust systems and can find all the issues that might be causing your car trouble. We have a reputation for our exhaust expertise in Arizona.

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Posted: July 14, 2015