5 Top New Year’s Resolutions of Custom Car Lovers

5 Top New Year’s Resolutions of Custom Car Lovers

Christmas is almost here and gone, so it’s likely too late to put anything big on your wish list. But you can start creating some New Year’s resolutions to put together the custom car of your dreams. All you need to do is put together your list, find a trusted Arizona mechanic, and get to work!

5 top new years resolutions of custom car lovers

You probably have a list a mile long for how you’d like to customize your car, but it’s best to prioritize the list so you can focus your efforts. These top five New Year’s resolutions of custom car lovers might help you get started:

Custom Exhaust

Custom exhausts are typically installed to improve the torque or horsepower for your vehicle. For that reason, a lot of people choose to get a custom exhaust on a vehicle that is already relatively powerful, like a truck or a muscle car. Plus, the roar you hear when you rev the engine will make you feel even more powerful on the road.

The type of custom exhaust you choose will determine whether you get a thundering roar coming out the rear of your vehicle or just a deep and steady hum. You should talk to your mechanic about the options based on the exhaust brand you choose and the tweaks that can be made. The right mechanic will be able to make recommendations to match your preferences and the needs of the vehicle.

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Auto Fabrication

Auto fabrication is high on the wish list for a lot of custom car enthusiasts. Auto fabrication can include a number of jobs, such as extending areas of the vehicle, creating custom airflow systems, or adding new pieces to the vehicle, such as a spoiler. Auto fabrication can include modification to both the body and the mechanical system.

This work is especially important for restoring a classic car, but it can also be used to create a car with the characteristics you want. You must work with a mechanic who has both training and experience with this type of work since any mistakes will show easily.

Custom Muffler

car with custom mufflersA custom muffler will give you some of the same benefits of a custom exhaust system, including boosting your performance slightly. You can get a custom muffler installed on your muscle car, a regular street vehicle, or a truck. Some people like to get custom mufflers for their specialty performance vehicles that they race on the weekends, and some people just like to have them for their everyday driving cars for the fun of it.
Just keep in mind that tweaking the muffler for performance will cost you in extra gas. But getting the work done by a skilled mechanic will ensure that the added performance will be well worth the cost.

Body Modifications

Body modifications are where a lot of custom car enthusiasts have a lot of fun. This is where you can change those doors so that they open upward like the DoLorean. It’s where you can add a custom grille that makes your car look more like a beautiful sculpture. It’s where you can bring your car’s profile lower to the ground with extended body panels.

You have so many options for body modifications, so it’s important that you work with an experienced designer who can help you visualize the possibilities for your vehicle.

Frame Modifications

Frame modifications are a lot more complex, but they can accomplish big changes if they are done right. Most frame modifications are going to have to be conducted in tandem with body modifications – you can make the frame a different size or shape without changing the body to match it. Therefore, frame modifications are quite an undertaking, and they must be performed carefully with the assistance of a highly trained and talented mechanic.

car with frame modificationsAll of these wish list items should be on your New Year’s resolution list because they require careful planning and saving. Most people put these tasks off because they require so much investment, but if you make your resolution to do these things this year, you can start planning and saving now. By this time next year, you could have a gorgeous custom car that looks just like you envisioned and that is the envy of all your friends.

Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive in Arizona provides all of these services from a team of highly qualified and experienced mechanics. Our mechanics are custom car enthusiasts themselves, and they are dedicated to performing the highest quality workmanship to get the best results for your beautiful car or truck. We can do everything from provide basic maintenance to keep your custom vehicle in great shape to weld a new body frame and tweak your mechanics for better performance. Call us today to learn more about our auto services in Arizona or to make an appointment to talk to a mechanic about your New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle.

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Posted: December 21, 2016