Finding A Mechanic Who Can Work On A Car That Has A Breathalyzer

Finding A Mechanic Who Can Work On A Car That Has A Breathalyzer

How to Find a Mechanic that Can Work on A Car With a Breathalyzer in Arizona

Finding A Mechanic Who Can Work On A Car That Has A Breathalyzer
Expert Chris McCurdy from Scottsdale Muffler explains the risks associated with faulty mechanics and car breathalyzers.
Tempe, Arizona

Driving under the influence is always a serious matter. The consequences can be far reaching and long lasting.

In 2012 Arizona Police reported over 27,000 arrests for driving under the influence and over 25% of those arrests were for extreme DUI, which is a Blood Alcohol Content of 15% or greater.

If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Arizona, along with numerous other penalties, you will be required to have an ignition interlock device, more commonly known as a breathalyzer, installed on your car. An ignition interlock device is a computerized breathalyzer that interconnects with the ignition and other vehicle control systems. The driver blows into the breathalyzer and it determines the blood alcohol concentration based on the alcohol in his or her breath. If alcohol is detected or the test is refused, the breathalyzer prevents the car from starting.

You will also be prompted to supply random tests while driving. If you don’t feel safe using the breathalyzer while driving, you will be allowed a few minutes to pull off the road and comply. The breathalyzer is a fairly accurate test, though it can be affected by many variables, including how recently the person has had a drink, or even used mouthwash, and if an adequate breath sample is provided. All failed tests are registered in the breathalyzer computer, which will be read on a monthly basis by a monitoring site. Failed tests are registered for time and date, and the information will be forwarded to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. If one of the ‘rolling’ tests you are asked for while driving detects alcohol, the car will not stop, since that could be hazardous.

It is estimated that having breathalyzers properly installed, when combined with a monitoring and service program, can lead to a 40%-90% reduction in the rate of repeat drunk driving offenses among offenders as long as the device remains on the vehicle.

Your dui lawyer or the judge may instruct you about state approved businesses with qualified personnel where you can have the breathalyzer installed in Scottsdale, Arizona. After installation you must supply verification to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. The breathalyzer machine must also be properly maintained and calibrated. Usually you must have the device monitored once a month for the first 3 months, then every 2 months for the remainder of your sentence.

Scottsdale Arizona Mechanics at Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive

During the time that the breathalyzer is installed on your vehicle it is likely that at some point you will need auto repair and/ or auto maintenance. This will require a mechanic familiar with breathalyzers. Usually the breathalyzer can be disabled by a code. Some devices have a code that can be entered into a hand unit keypad for a limited number of bypass starts. Using the code may require extra documentation from the auto repair shop. For a limited time after a code has been entered, a mechanic will be able to start the vehicle without giving a breath sample. The code is always unique and can only be used for a specific breathalyzer for a specific period of time. Or, the vehicle may have to be taken to an authorized breathalyzer installation center for disabling.

Auto repair shops should also check the laws in their states for restrictions imposed on drivers. Rental cars and loaners may not be permissible while the vehicle is being repaired.

Some suggestions to find such an auto repair shop in Scottsdale are; to be directed to a certified center, look for a phone number on the breathalyzer unit, check with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Transportation, ask your attorney, look in the phone book, or search on the internet.

Having a breathalyzer on your vehicle can seem quite troublesome, but it can enable you to keep your job and fulfill other responsibilities that you would not otherwise be able to do if your driving privileges were simply suspended.

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Posted: March 20, 2015