Automobile vehicles, mainly used for fast transportation between different places and sometimes to impress the ladies, are recommended to receive maintenance really often to have a really long lifespan; we assure you it can last you for a long time with proper care. If you are located in Arizona, Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive offers everything from fixing and replacing engines and transmissions, muffler repair in Arizona, to changing oil and tuning up your vehicle so it doesn’t need the more expensive repairs. We have over 20 years of experience with mechanic services, including assistance with custom exhausts in Scottsdale for domestic and import automobiles. In this blog you will find information about exhausts that will help you choose the best exhaust setup for your vehicle.

First, you have to know that the exhaust system your car comes with is prepared to muffle the sound that it makes, the best way it can, but this also means that it makes a backpressure (the restriction of the flow of the gases that comes out from your engine); while this is needed for your engine to operate properly, it will also rob its power in the process. This mentioned power is used by the engine to release the gases, instead of directing it for more power while driving the car.

how to choose the right exhaust setup for your car

Now, there are ways to transfer some power back to the engine, and the main one is to replace your exhaust with a custom one that is less-restrictive performance-wise. If you want more information about this service, you can contact us at any time and personally reach you if you are in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa and surrounding areas. There are some components that you can upgrade to make your care more powerful than before:


This part of the exhaust, called muffler, is one of the main components because its responsibility is to eliminate/reduce the exhaust noise. There are different kinds of mufflers with different pieces like chambers, perforated tubes, baffles, and other materials to achieve its purpose. An aftermarket muffler is recommended to provide a better exhaust performance while having less backpressure.


Often being the last piece of an exhaust system, it is located on the back, or sometimes the side, of your automobile. It is often finished with a chrome exhaust tip, at least the aftermarket ones. You can also buy them separately and with the design and finish of your choice.

Phoenix Custom Muffler and Exhaust Services


Also known as exhaust manifolds, they handle the spent gases from your engine and they are connected to the cylinder heads of your engine. Typically, aftermarket headers are bent in a way to reduce some exhaust restriction, making the exhaust gas have more freedom to move freely from the engine. This is important as it reduces backpressure and helps getting better flow speed, creating pulses that will pull spent gases from the engine.
Headers can come in lengthy sizes and also with shorter dimensions, depending on the model of your car, and on your tastes.


This head pipes link the headers to the mufflers, often interrupted by the catalytic converter, depending on the application of it. There is not much more to say about this piece of the exhaust system because it’s basically just a connector of some exhaust system parts.

car with catalyctic convertor for exhaust setupCatalytic Convertor

This little piece of technology is created to reduce the harmful emissions your vehicle releases into the air (yes, that awful smoke that can make you cough really hard). Since most vehicles ride on public roads, state and federal regulations indicates that it is required to have one of this catalytic convertors to lessen the damage to the ecosystem and prevent health issues to the people that walk on the side of the road. If you feel that your car is releasing more smoke than normal, it might be a damaged part of your exhaust system. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so our Scottsdale mechanics can assist you as fast as possible.

Crossover Pipes

In dual exhaust systems, these are designed to balance the uneven flow that comes from the engine cylinders by giving the exhaust pulses a way to travel between the two sides of a dual exhaust system. There are various types of crossover pipes, but the most common ones are the X-pipes and the H-pipes, that have the form of their respective letter.

Of course, you have to understand that it is a big responsibility to have a car and to maintain it properly as it can bring serious dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning and poor performance. Contact us, Scottsdale Muffler & Automotive, to install you a custom exhaust that we guarantee it will make your vehicle perform better instead of keeping the factory exhaust that your vehicle comes with. Even if you are not in Arizona and you have any question that needs answer, contact one of our mechanics that will be more than happy to assist you.

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Posted: February 8, 2017